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i n 





Campanula "Blue 
Gardenia" is a Hardy 
Perennial. It is not a 

biennial. It blooms^ 
year after year. 


Blue QcrtdeMda " 


Now we offer this new and beautiful Gardenia type flower 
at lower prices! Even more beautiful than a true Gardenia. 
And remember that it is a perennial and will bloom for you 
yjear after year — starts first year. 

You will 'find Campanula "Blue Gardenia" far more beauti- 
ful than the picture. The color is a delicate blue that we 
found hard to reproduce. Flowers occur -almost the entire 
length of the stems and the stems grow to about 30 inches in 
height. Five to eight flower spikes are produced per plant. 
Foliage is beautiful dark green and leathery. 

Long Blooming 


Blooms from the middle of June to the middle of July. 
Flowers fine for cut flowers lasting a week or. more after being 
cut. Blooms first year. 

Hardy and Healthy 

Insects do not seem to bother Campanula "Blue Gardenia" 
at all and it easily stands temperatures well below zero. Blooms 
year after year without replanting. Easy to grow in average 
garden soil with average drainage. 

Horticulturists of wide and excellent experience have pro- 
nounced this plant one of the most outstanding and exceptional 
introductions in recent years. Every gardener should have it. 


Strong field-grown plants— BLOOM FIRST YEAR— 1 for 
: 65c; 2 for £1.10; 4 for #1.95. 

Note: The name Campanula "Blue Gardenia" does not indi- 
. s cate that this plant is related to Gardenias. It is a Campanula 
with flowers of the same beautiful form as a Gardenia. 

Hardy Perennial 

IMPORTANT! Note that Campanula "Blue Gardenia" is 
not a biennial like most Campanulas, but a perennial — blooms 
year after year without replanting. Starts blooming the first 


Grand Master 

2 Q land 

Two bulbs of this famous dark 
red velvety beauty have a value of 
$1.00. See full description on 
page 6 then turn to pages 20 and 
21 and see how you can get two 
bulbs of Grand Master free of 
extra charge with Kellogg's Glory 
Mixture of Gladioli. 

R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers," Mich. 


Tip -Top 

Now we offer you the ten outstanding Gladioli 
of today. Every one of the ten is a new variety 
and each one is a marvel of beauty and charm. All tall 
growing, large flowering varieties, the kind that win 
prices at the shows. Beautiful in form and coloring. 
Will arouse the envy of all who see them. 


Just look over the 
Glads on pages 4, 5, 
6 and 7 — not an old 
one in the group — all 
masterpieces from the 
hands of the leading 
Gladiolus breeders. 

These ten new Glads are destined to be the outstanding 
prizewinners of the next few years. Already Grand Master, 
the Glad shown on page 6, is the winner wherever shown — 
always takes the big prizes — has never met defeat on the show 
table in the color classes. It is such varieties as Grand Master 
that you get in this amazing new collection — Glads that will 
win prizes and admiration for you. 


The ten Glads 
shown on pages 
4, 5, 6, and 7, 
have a total 
value of $6.00 
but we offer 
them here as a 
group for only 
$4.95. You will 
want to try all 

S Order at once wl 
we have a full supply 

Shirley Temple 

It takes, a beautiful Glad and 
one that is very charming to merit 
the name Shirley Temple. This 
Glad does indeed earn the right 
to its name. The basic color is 
white but it is overlaid with a . : soft 
blush or cream color. The well placed 
blooms are heavily and beautifully 
ruffled with 6 or 7 open. at. one time. 
New but already in great demand. 
PRICES: 35c each; 2 for 55c; 3 for 
"75c; 6 for #1.35. 


R. M. -Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 

Ten Gladioli-New/ 



Cheerful is indeed a splendid 
name for this beautiful new variety. 
The color is a clear light red with 
a clean'cut splash of white. Spikes 
are tall, straight and medium slen- 
der, each with 8 or more blooms 
open at one time. Florets are ruf' 
fled beautifully and well placed. See 
the picture above. Always stands 
erect. Won blue ribbons as seed' 
ling. Prices: 25c each; 3 for 67c; 5 
for #1.00; 6 for #1.17. 



Name means "moonlight on the 
water" and is very aptly chosen. 
Color is delicate creamy yellow, 
somewhat like pure golden sulphur, 
but much lighter. Beautiful splashes 
of gold in throat, and faint splashes 
of very delicate rose here and there 
at edges of petals. We have never 
seen a yellow glad like this — never 
a similar shade, never one so beau* 
tiful. Prices: 75c each, 2 for #1.35; 
3 for #1.95; 6 for #3.75. 



Reflection is the finest lavender anywhere 
— color clear and unmarred by blotches, 
flecks or lines. One of the lightest of 
lavender shades, but .deepens in color when 
brought indoors. Florets perfectly set, 
straight forward and close together, at 
least six open at one time. Grows to av> 
erage height of 5 feet in three months. 
A variety to arouse the praise and com- 
ment of all who 
see it. Prices: V 
75 c each, 2 fot ~m 

for Con 



Find what you want quickly Index on pages 84and 85. 

XI n-Top 

Rose of Michigan 

Grand Master 

Rose of Michigan Grand Master 

Now this beautiful new glad 
comes as a mate to the beautiful 
Cactus Rose. Rose of Michigan is 
not a rival of Cactus Rose because 
it is a different shade — darker, and 
lined with velvet in the throat in- 
stead of being frosted — deep, dark 
red, plushy velvet. Nature's brush 
slipped here and there and made lit' 
tie splashes of red. It's beautiful! 
Sometimes compared to the; Araer- 
ican Beauty Rose in color. Prices: 
75c each; 2 for #1.35; 3 for #1.95: 
6 for #3.75. 

Red — beautiful velvety red! 
Grand Master is the richest red you 
ever saw — smooth, soft and velvety. 
The only markings are very faint 
streaks of "black." The dark red 
extends into the deepest extremities 
of the throat with no shadings ex' 
cepting the deep dark shadow. 
Florets open many at once and lap 
over each other, making a continu' 
ous mass of red that is amazing in 
its beauty. "Prices: 1 for 65c; 2 for 
#1.00; 4 for #1.85; 6 for #2.70; 12 
for #5.20. 

So Big 

So Big 

Again we .have a variety that 
earns its name. So Big is one of 
the largest of all Gladiolus varieties. 
Both the flowers and the spikes are 
immense. And not only is it im» 
mense in size but it is immense in 
beauty. It is a deep roscpink with 
violet markings on the lower petals^ 
a beautiful effect that you cannot ap" 
predate until you see it. A real prize 
winner. Prices: 25c each; 3 for 67q; : 
5 for #1.00; 6 for #1.17. 

R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers,^ 'Mich. 

Ten Gladioli-New/ 

Tyrian Princess 

White Spire 


Tyrian Princess 

The beautiful coloring of this va- 
riety reminds us of a dusky Mediter' 
ranean Princess. The color is a beau' 
tiful dusky cherry-rose laid on in 
splashes and rivulets over a lighter 
shade. The throat is beautifully and 
delicately frosted. Spikes are closely 
packed but still florets are well ar- 
ranged. Prices: 50c each; 2 for 85c; 
3 for #1.20; 6 for #2.25. 

White Spire 

One of the most unique of white 
glads, and at the same time one of 
the most beautiful. The petals are 
pure frosty white, but look at them 
closely and you will find faint (oh, 
so very faint) splashes of pink. 
UniqUe also for the arrangement of 
florets on the spike — instead of be' 
ing staggered, the florets are in two 
fairly even rows. Prices: 75c each; 
2 for #1.35; 3 for #1.95; 6 for #3.75. 


No color is more popular in Glad' 
ioli than salmon-pink and here is 
one of the most beautiful salmon' 
pinks ever brought forth. Wenonah 
rivals all other salmon-pink glads 
and has a delight of its own that 
others do not have. It is splashed 
with darker colors at the edges and 
in the throat. 9 to 12 florets open 
or opening at a time. Prices: #1.00 
each; 2 for #1.85. 

Convenient index on pages 84 and>85. 





Graphin Livia 

AVE MARIA. Blue, some 
streaks of purple. Blossoms 
nearly 5 inches across. 

ruffled streaked salmon-pink. 
Lower petals yellow in throat 
with beautiful streaks of red. 



Unusual, smoky 

CACTUS ROSE. Rich velvety 
purplish red just like beautiful 
cactus blossoms. Throat like 
October frost — 5 to 6 feet. 

Flowers more than 5 inches 


DEBONAIR. Beautiful La' 
France-pink with shrimp-pink 

DREAM. Lovely geranium-red 
with showy deep red blotches. 

enly red. Darker shades spill 
from throat. 

est, purest, most beautiful 
red; velvety, lighter throat. 

DUNA. Wonderful rosily-blush- 
ing cream with purest clear 
yellow tinge in throat. 

GOLDEN DREAM. Beautiful 
golden yellow. Many flowers 
at a time. " 

PRICES: Any Glads on these 
size bulbs, 3 for 20c; 6 for 35 c; 

Pretty, dignified lavender, 
lower petals beautifully shaded 
in the throat. 

beautiful procelain-blue, dark- 
er lines in throat. 

HERITAGE. Large, beautiful 
warm pink flowers, lighter 
throat. White mid-ribs on 
lower petals 


pure a white as any snow 
that ever fell. 

ripe cherry color. Strong and 

MARMORA. Exotic violet- 

two pages, fine blooming 
12 for 60c; 50 for #2.25. 

Now you can make your own collection of Kellogg's AristO' 
crat Gladioli and get a $7.00 value for. only $3.8*. Note the price 
of one dosen figures 5c each, or $5!00-per TOO; You can make 
your own collection' from an^ of the Glads shown, on" these two 
pages, 100 for only $3.85. Select the varieties that you want. 


R-. M. Kellogg ■ Company,- Three- Rivers, Mich.' 

Gladioli Garden 

Mary Jane 

MILDRED LOUISE. 5 to 5'/j 
inch florets. Rich salmon- 
pink, shaded golden yellow 
at throat. . . 

MINUET. Delicate and dainty 

MISS GREELEY. Exotic sal- 
mon-pink and purple like 
rare Bohemian glass. The 
purple seems to flow over 
salmon-pink in pretty rivu- 

tiful apple -green in the 
throat. Large, ruffled creamy- 
orchid flowers. 

MOROCCO. Richest wine-red, 
liberally streaked with mid- 
night shades. Velvety. 


smoky mauve. Brilliant red 
and yellow throat. 

beautiful orange. 

PELEGRINA. Beautiful exotic 
dark purple beauty. 

tiful, beautiful' red! 

PICARDY. Clear pure pink, 
beautifully painted with led 
in the throat. Florets 5 to 
5 1 /: inches across. 

POLAR ICE. White! Glitters 
like new-fallen snow. 

RED PHIPPS. Large, rich, 

glorious red. 


SONATINE. Lovely coral-pink 
with faint diffused streaks 
near center and more de- 
cided streaks near edges. 

TIP TOP. Beau- 
tiful dark crimson 
giant, diffused 
lighter tint at 

White. Strong 


f ascinating 
dream in soft 
pale red-or- 
ange with 
light red. 5- 
inch florets. 


W. H. PHIPPS. La-France- 
pink overlaid with salmon. 

PRICES: Any Glads on these two pages, fine blooming size bulbs, 
3 for 20c; 6 for 35c; 12 for 60c; 50 for #2.25. 


Bulbs $ 

200 for $4.45 

Our finest collec- 
tion, 100 mixed 
bulbs — our choice 
from the varieties 
listed on these two 
pages. At.least ten 
different varieties in 
wide color range. 
The finest at a sav- 

Let us help you find what you want. Index pages 84 and 85. 


Never before 
have we seen a 
masterpiece such 
as this. Seventh 
Heaven is abso- 
lutely new — nev- 
er before offered. 


New this year, 1940— never before introduced— Mrs. 
George Kinyon's Masterpiece. 

Several years ago the famous Glad, Picardy, startled 
the flower world with its amazing beauty and size. 
Picardy deserves every bit of its fame but Seventh 
Heaven is destined to outshine it. Picardy is huge flow 
ered and beautiful but Seventh Heaven is even greater 
— florets often measure 6 inches across or more. 

The color of Picardy is beautiful, too, but that of 
Seventh Heaven is amazingly even more beautiful — 
delicate salmon-rose slightly splashed with deeper color 
at edges and in the throat — a shading that is really in- 
describably beautiful. We unfortunately secured Sev 
enth Heaven too late for a color picture but even a 
color picture could not show its true beauty. 

Note the amazing display ,of florets. Seventh Heaven 
has 10 to 12 huge ones open or opening at once. 
We have seen spikes with even more than the one 
shown here. Grows very tall, straight and strong. A lib- 
eral producer of many beautiful spikes. 

We have only a very few blooming size Seventh 
Heaven bulbs this year and only the far-sighted few 
who order at once will get them. If you want the dis- 
tinction of having Seventh Heaven in 1940, order at 

PRICES: Large blooming size bulbs, $3.50 each. 


Mrs. George Kinyon, who originated such amazing 
beauties as Wenonah, Emblem of Purity, White Spire, 
Reflection, So Big, Iosco and many other top-notchers, 
originated Seventh Heaven. Every year since the 
American Home Achievement Medal has been offered 
in Michigan she has won it. Her Gladioli are noted 
for their amazingly clean, bright colors and beautifully 
shaped, well-placed florets. Again we say, Seventh 
Heaven is Mrs. Kinyon's masterpiece. You must order 
at once. 

R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich 

if your order amounts to $5.00 or more 

If your cash order for nursery stock 
amounts to $5.00 or more, you may select 
another $1.00 value free of extra charge — 
any nursery stock you wish from this 
catalog. Simply add the extra $1.00 value to 
your order and you will receive it free of 
extra cost. 


Often orders amount to $475, $4.85, or some 
similar amount. A $4.85 order does not get 
the $1.00 value free but by adding 15c more 
to a $4.85 order, you make the amount $5.00 
and get the $1.00 value; 25c added to a 
$4.75 order does the same, and so on. 
persons may combine orders and divide the 
premium if shipped to one person. 


If you send two or more orders BEFORE 
APRIL FIRST totaling $5.00 or more, they 

will be shipped as one order and the $1.00 
free offer is good. After April 1st, new orders 
are booked and shipped separately, hence, 
two or more orders cannot be totaled to get 
the premium. After April 1st the $1.00 free 
value is still good but is given only on single 
orders that amount to $5.00 or more. 


We can handle and ship a $5.00 order with 
very little extra expense over a smaller order 
and we pass the saving on to you in this 
premium value. 

This offer applies to orders for ornamental 
nursery stock from this catalog only. Orders 
from our fruit catalog are not included. Only 
orders for planting stock (plants, bulbs, 
shrubs, trees, etc.) can be included, since 
other items such as fertilizers, books, spray- 
ers, etc., cannot be packed with nursery 
stock and no savings are effected. 



We guarantee stock to be just as represented or 
orders refilled free; we further warrant all stock 
to be carefully packed and shipped in good 
growing condition, and if this stock is properly 
and carefully planted, watered, and cared for, it 
will grow and give satisfactory results. 

We cannot guarantee continuous growth since 
this depends upon the care you give the plants 
and also upon your local conditions. However, 
where failure of plants to grow is due to arrival 
in poor condition, we will replace the unsatis- 
factory plants without charge, providing reports 
are received prior to June 30th 

After June 30th and prior to October 1st of the 
current year, plants will be replaced at half 
price. No refills after October 1st. 
It is mutually agreed that in any event we will 
not be liable for more than the purchase price 
of the stock. 

Refills per this guaranty will be made during 
the current shipping season if reports are re- 
ceived in time. Otherwise they will be made 
during the following season. Plants and other 
nursery stock sent as ordered, and received in 
good condition, cannot be returned for credit 
and we accept no obligation for their return. 

m R.M. Kellogg Co., Three Rivers, Mich. ^ 


Important Books ^^Garden loverr 

Kellogg's garden books have been written especially for Kellogg customers by the nation's best authorities. 
These are not ordinary books but exceedingly valuable treatises. Many of the country's largest libraries have 
placed them on their shelves. 


Written by Alfred C. Hottes, famous author 
of many garden books and magazine articles. 
Tells you just how to proceed in the grow- 
ing of your plants in order to produce more 
flowers and better flowers. Seventy-eight 
pages, many pictures, page size 6" x 9". 
Soils, plant food, cultivating, watering, gar- 
den tidiness, blooming, insects, winter pro- 
tection, etc. — all are discussed in the Key 
to a Beautiful Garden. Also many other sub- 
jects. Practically any question you may wish 
to ask will be answered for you in this charm- 
ingly written book. Price 45c postpaid. 


Written by Romaine B. Ware, famous author 
and garden planner. This book tells you how 
to lay out a beautiful garden. In fact, it is 
composed practically in its entirety of dia- 
grams drawn in such a way that you can 
put them together like dominos and make 
them fit your own garden. Shows just where 
to place each plant for harmony of color, 
height and blooming season. Page size, 
7Y 2 " x 10^", 24 pages. 

Price only 35c postpaid. 


The rock garden can be a thing 
of beauty or it can be just a 
pile of rocks. This book tells 
you how to make it beautiful. 
24 pages, liberally illustrated 
with diagrams and pictures of 
plants. How to make a pool, 
how to combine pools and rock 
gardens. 24 pages, size 
7%" x b%". Written by 
Romaine B. Ware. 

Price 25c postpaid. 

All 3 


You should 
have all three of 
these books in 
your library. All 
three will be 
sent to you 
postpaid for 
only 85c. 


The most brilliant of all 
bedding flowers. High 
grade, hand picked roots 

-ir\ Labeled QH^ 
JLU Varieties O # C 

For this low price we send you 2 each of the 
following, healthy, high'grade roots: 

2 President. Glowing scarlet. 

2 King Humbert. Scarlet, bronze foliage. 

2 City of Portland. Deep pink. 

2 King Midas. Brilliant yellow. 

2 Ambassador. Poppy-red, bronze foliage. 
Or, if you want to choose your own, you may 
use these prices. 17c each; 3 for 43c; 5 for 
59c; 10 for 95c; 15 for $1.35; 20 for $1.75. 

See description and new 
low prices beneath picture. 

fed. Con"* M; 


Oioiamxmd G&A 

(Picture Above) 

Here's the most gloriously brilliant of all 
Cannas — and the newest! Coloring is a brilliant 
combination of red and yellow, which in spite of 
sharp contrast harmonizes beautifully and makes 
a striking color spot in your garden. All visitors 
to our nursery stop to admire and exclaim over 
Rosamond Coles Canna. Your friends will 
similarly exclaim over yours when they see it in 
. your garden. PRICES: 20c each; 3 for 49c; 
5 for 75c; 10 for $1.25; 25 for $2.45. 


12 Mantkidiab 


3 for 
6 for 

. 1.00 


These pretty flowers come from bulbs and are handled 
the same as Gladioli or Tigridias. We have them in two 
varieties as follows: 

HIS MAJESTY. This is prob' 
ably the finest of all Mont' 
bretias. The flowers are nearly 
4 inches or more across, have 
broad petals and their color is 
a deep velvety scarlet, which 
shades to gold. The back side 
of the petals is a dark crimson, 
also shading to gold. Grow 3 
feet high. PRICES: 3 for 65cj 
6 for #1.00; 12 for #1.75. 


with His Majesty we have sc 
lected Queen Alexandra for 
its beautiful chrome'yellow 
color. Then there is a salmon 
blotch at the base of the petals 
which gives a very striking 
effect. It is late flowering. It 
grows erect to a height of 3 
feet. PRICES: 3 for 65c; 6 
for #1.00; 12 for #1.75. 

.,»«,, JH 

^^Mi&BmLK ^^ ^^^mHH 

MM rffcfc- 

..-.., ^i£%& xm *ti& 



|^^*^Wt- -*^, 




rt| •*%* 



) ? 

"i*B^ A ''"irtffl 

l^r^^ -»«ikw r 





beautiful yellow, a 
a beautiful white — 

A beautiful pink, a 
beautiful bronze, and 
all yours for only #3.45 — all hardy vane 
ties- — varieties our choice. Grown by one 
of the foremost Water Lily experts in the 
United States. Shipped direct to you from 
his water gardens in Ohio. Don't do with' 
out these beauties. 


See pages 2 and 3. 





25— #2.75 

Tigridia is the most brilliant flower you ever saw. It will 
fascinate every true lover of flowers. Blooms all summer. 
But not all of the flowers are red. Some are a brilliant yel' 
low, some white, some pink. These bulbs are hybrids and 
come only in the mixed. For best results order at least ten. 
Plant in a group and you will have a beautiful display. Grow 
2 to 3 feet high. Planting distance, 8 to 10 inches. Blooms 
all summer. Take up each fall and store like Gladioli, Need 
well drained soil, full sun. 



R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 




One of the oddest, most, un- 
usual . and most beautiful Dahlias 
we have ever seen. The unusual 
part is the orchid'white tips. The 
rest of the Dahlia is flaming 
orange-sunset with a beautiful 
tight center of deep orchid. At 
the base, petals are beautiful apple- 
green. The coloring is not uni' 
form but occurs in most beautiful 
splashes and streaks. Nowhere 
have we ever before seen a Dahlia 
like this. It is large in size, dec 
orative in shape. 

Again we emphasize the orchid' 
white tips. They look as if the tips 
are lighted with tiny spotlights. 

PRICES: George Relyea Dahlia Tubers, 1 for #1.00; 2 for #1.85; 
4 for #3.50. See special offer on page 16. 

f All Star 


Idach of -the pvz/reXcuf' 

JERSEY'S BEAUTY. A great fluffy ball of beauty- 
soft yellow under-tint beautifully streaked with rosy 
shades of mauve. PRICES: 27c each; 4 for 89c. 

JANE COWL. Shades of orange, salmon, rosy pink 
and yellow, blending in the most delightful fashion. 
8 inches. PRICES: 27c each; 4 for 89c. 

MRS. I DE VER. WARNER. A great, gorgeous 6 
inch fluff, soft wisteria streaked violet. PRICES: 
20c each; 4 for 67c- 

PRIDE OF CALIFORNIA. A very large, thick flower 
of dark crimson; shades to almost maroon at the 
center. An ideal garden and cut flower variety. 
PRICES: 20c each; 4 for 67c. 

SAGAMORE. Outstanding variety of great beauty, 
wonderful keeper. Large flowers of true decorative 
form; color golden yellow, shaded orangebuff. 
PRICES: 25c each; 4 for 75c. 
Don't overlook this bargain — send us only 95c and 

we will send you one each of the All Star Dahlias above. 

Convenient index on pages 84 and 85. 



Dahlia, Easter Greeting, 
starts blooming at least four 
weeks ahead of the regular Cac- 
tus type Dahlias and continues 
to bloom until freezing weather. 
The blossoms v are pure white 
Cactus type as shown, with 
pretty apple-green at the base of 
the petals. Looks beautiful in 
your garden and it is fine for 
cut flowers, too. 

Foliage really pretty — not 
coarse and large like other 
Dahlias. Leaves are only about 
2 by 3 inches in sue. 

Low in height — seldom 
grows over 3 feet tall. 

Give Dahlia, Easter Greeting, 
plenty of space to develop, and 
plant it in full sun. 

PRICES: 65c each; 2 for 
#1.00; 4 for #1.85. See special 
offer on page 16. 

6 Pompon $400 
Dahlias I r 

Pompon Dahlias are the little dandies of Dahlias. 
They are delightful little balls of beauty seldom over 
two inches across and very fine and regular in shape. 
They are growing more and more popular and you 
should have this collection. You get one each of the 
following fine varieties. 


AMBER QUEEN. The fin- 
est amber and orange pom' 

BOBBY. Plum colored or 

RED INDIAN. Deep coral 

For only #1.00 we send you one of each or you may 
make your own choice, 12 for #1.85. 


best pink. 


YELLOW GEM. Light yel' 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 



See page 10. 

Jle BotdelUek 

/I BeatijUfrU 



Often gets 
to be 12" to 
14" across. 

1 for 

2 for 

4 for 




Here is a giant deep crimson Dahlia for you. Blooms average 10 to 12 
inches across, and are beautiful in shape as shown above. Note the fine 
shading on the petals. One of these Dahlias alone makes an elegant sight 
with its deep, deep red color and fine form. Very healthy, strong and 
vigorous. A Dahlia that will win prizes for you at the shows. All Dahlia 
enthusiasts should have Mrs. George Le Boutellier. Prices: #1.00 each; 
2 for #1.85; 4 for #3.50. Tubers. See special offer on page 16. 



Kellogg's Superfine Dahlia 
want the very best. Varieties 


Clear, pure, beautiful yel- 
low that dances and shim- 
mers in fascinating fash' 
ion. Prices: 45c each; 2 
for 79c; 4 for #1.47. 


7 in. A big flaming ball 
of color with all the beau- 
tiful hues and streaks of 
orange, red, and yellow 
you can imagine. Prices: 
40c each; 2 for 75c; 4 for 

Collection is for those who 
as follows, one of each: 

ROW WILSON. Beauti- 
ful soft creamy white with 
just the faintest tinges of 
pink and yellow. 10 in. 
Prices: 40c each; 2 for 
75c; 4 for #1.35. 

a gorgeous tropical sun- 
set — tawny yellow, gor- 
geously streaked with 
fiery red. 8 in. Prices: 40c 
each; 2 for 75c; 4 for 



R. M. Kellogg Co., Three Rivers, Mich. 


PRICES: Cavalcade Dahlia Tubers, #1.00 each; 2 for #1.85; 4 for #3.50. 
See special offer below. 




Are you a Dahlia Fan? If you 
are, you must not overlook Caval' 

Here is one of the most beautiful 
colors found in Dahlias — deep old 
rose (or deep orchid-pink if you 
prefer to call it that). And not only 
is it beautiful in coloring but it is 
beautifully formed with finely 
cupped petals. Formal decorative 
type, good size, profuse bloomer, 
long stems. This is really one of the 
finest Dahlias introduced in recent 
years and we highly recommend it 
to you. Don't overlook Cavalcade. 

4Sha£$y $|OC 
Monsters A 

THE COMMODORE. A great shaggy, mammoth, 12' 
to 14'inch Dahlia of purest clear lemon-yellow. Pro- 
lific bloomer. Medium height. Does well anywhere. 
PRICES: 45c each; 2 for 79c; 4 for #1.37. 

MONMOUTH CHAMPION. Brilliant orange-flame 
blooms borne very freely on strong, vigorous plants. 
Enormous sise. PRICES: 27c each; 4 for 89c. 

JERSEY'S MAMMOTH. Wonderful informal decora- 
tive Dahlia with mammoth mahogany-brown and 
gold blooms and long, strong stems; a vigorous plant. 
PRICES: 27c each; 4 for 89c. 

KEMP'S WHITE WONDER. The finest of all pure 
white Dahlias. Giant, informal decorative blooms 
produced in great profusion. PRICES: 50c each; 4 
for #1,45. 

Don't miss this bargain — one each of the above for 

2 Easter Greeting Dahlias. 

(Page 14.) 
2 Cavalcade Dahlias. 

(Page 16.) 
2 George Retyea Dahlias. 

(Page .13.)- 
2 Mrs. George Le Boutellier. 

(Page 15.) 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 


Qtel fa $1 S5 

Polyantha Rose^ give you -hundreds of 
beautiful flowerY, in close compact clusters. 
Brilliant in coloring, beautiful in form. Fur' 
thermore, they bloom all summer — simply 
snip off the blossoms as fast as they begin to 
wilt and new ones will appear. Grow only 12 
to 24 inches tall. Five varieties as follows: 

CHATILLON ROSE. Huge clusters of 
bright pink, semi-double flowers, with a 
pleasing touch of orange. Hardy. Many, 
many flowers. 

GEORGE ELGER. This is a pretty Rose 
with innumerable blooms of beautiful yel- 
low in graceful sprays. 

GLORIA MUNDI. A new variety with large, 
double flowers of lasting orange-scarlet 
clusters, unfading. 

IDEAL. Minute flowers of deep garnet-red. 
Perhaps the darkest red obtainable. 

KATHERINE ZEIMET. Miniature bouquets 
of fragrant, double pure white flowers. 

PRICES: Polyantha Roses, strong two-year 
plants, 1 for 45c; 2 for 85c; 5 for #1.85; 10 
for #3.25. 

Pohf<znik&l By Golto 

You may choose Polyantha Roses by color only, if you wish, 
at lower prices — red, pink, white or yellow. PRICES: By 
color, 1 for 40c; 3 for #1.00; 6 for #1.75; 12 for #3.35. 





F. J. Grootendorst 

Fine for landscaping, fine in groups. Three 


silvery rose. Now you can have a pink 
shrub Rose. 

DR. ECKENER. Dr. Eckener is fragrant and 
flowers semi-double. Color luminous pink 
suffused with orange and coppery rose. 
Indeed beautiful. . , ... 

F. J. GROOTENDORST. Clusters of small, 
carnation-like blooms of bright red all sum- 
mer. Very hardy; a most unusual Rose. 
PRICES: 1 for 45c; 2 for 85c; 3 for #1.25. 

This bargain gives you two beautiful Climb- 
ing Roses, each a different color, our choice. 
You get the same high grade stock that you 
would get when you buy Climbing Roses, your 
own choice, high grade in every respect. TWO- 
labeled. Prices: 2 for 79c; 4 for #1.49. 

It's easy to find what you want. See index, pages 84 and 85. 


2 Climbing 


I -55c ♦ U -$1.85 

What could be more beautiful than a porch or trellis 
covered with Climbing Roses? Here are some of the fin- 
est — all two-year-old, field-grown, budded stock, guar- 
anteed to reach you in good growing condition or your 
order refilled free. Bloom in June. 

favorites, well deserves its popularity. Blooms are de- 
lightful rosy carmine, also 
beautiful in shape. Splendid 
beautiful foliage. Very fra- 
grant. Prices top of page. 
CHELIN (Spanish Beauty). 
The buds are flashy carmine 
and fully open flowers are 
beautiful delicate pink. 
Makes very good cut flowers 
as the stems are long and the 
flowers hold up well. An 
amazingly beautiful and en- 
trancing variety. Prices above. 





2 for 

4 for 

Climbing American Beauty 

scarlet, well shaped flowers, 
rigid, upright stems. Makes 
a veritable blaze of color. 
Prices above. 

PRIMROSE. The best yellow. 
It is truly beautiful. Flowers 
large, well formed, and non- 
fading. Color primrose-yel- 
low. Foliage luxuriant and 
healthy. Prices top of page. 

SILVER MOON. You will 
love the entrancing fragrance 
of Silver Moon and you will 
love the beautiful white flow- 
ers. Very beautiful, semi- 
double shape, very pure col- 
or. A really worth-while 
white. Prices top of page. 

Dr. W. Van Fleet 


Beautiful shell-pink 
buds and flowers. 
Wonderfully fra- 
grant. Good cut flow- 
ers — beautiful form 
and long stems. 
Equal to finest Hy- 
brid Teas in beauty. 

Paul's Scarlet 

^efJdig, (lode 

Here is a beautiful red Tea Rose 
that has taken a new role. Just inv 
agine the famous Gruss an Teplit? 
with its beautiful masses of double 
crimson blooms now a climber! And 
what a beautiful climber it is! Does 
not run wild but grows strong and 
upright with beautiful shape as shown 
in the picture. If you want something 
very unusual, plant this new beauty. 
PRICES: 55c each; 2 for 97c; 4 for 

A/eia jbauAn, Glunb- 

Uuf (lode 

Oh, so very pretty! And blooms 
just like gorgeous hybrid Tea Roses. 
Everblooming,too. Really New Dawn 
is the best of the best climbing Roses, 
Color is delicate pink — almost shell- 
pink, and blooms are. exceedingly well 
formed, and fragrant. Blooms June 
to frost. Nice long stems for cutting. 
Plant Patent No. 1. PRICES: Sturdy, 
2-year, budded stock, #1.50 each; 
#15.00 per doz. 

^cdUwiatt Rode 

Probably no Rose has ever attained 
the popularity or will attain the popu- 
larity that the famous Talisman at- 
tained. And now this amazingly 
beautiful Rose comes as a climber. 

The picture at the right gives an 
idea of the beauty of Climbing Talis- 
man. Imagine your porch or trellis 
covered with these lovely blooms in 
the beautiful two-toned shades of yel- 
low and red artistically blended as 
only Nature can blend them. 
PRICES: 65c each; 2 for #1.00; 4 
for #1.85. 


The supply of Climbing Talisman Roses 
is decidedly limited and we urge all cus- 
tomers to place their orders immediately so 
that we can reserve the plants for you until 
shipping time. We cannot guarantee to fill 
your order if you delay too long. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 



1 for $ 1.50 
12 for 15.00 



Climbing Gruss an Teplitz 

(Plant Patent No. 152) 

Wonderful clusters of 
very large cup'formed sal- 
fron-ycllow blooms. These 
open one after another, 
prolonging the season. 
Long, heavy canes. The 
best yellow climber today. 
Often repeats in mid' 
summer. PRICES: 1 for 
#1.50; #15.00 per doz. 

Climbing Talisman 

New Dawn Climbing Rose 



EVERY GLADIOLUS BULB in Kelloggs Glory Mixture 
is choice blooming size, hardy and robust, with plenty of vitality 
to produce loads of large beautiful flowers this year. 

Just think, you get 
100 fine blooming 
sue bulbs for only 
V $2.00 and if you 

\)l Inn send your order at once 

j±Z^7/ we will add two Grand 

Master bulbs (worth 
#1.00), free of extra 
charge to your order. 




We guarantee fifty 
different varieties, each 
different in color or 
markings. Bulbs must 
reach you in good con' 
dition or your order 
refilled free. 

I ■ 


$iy>. iSu&lxi ietoHfy 

KELLOGG'S Glory Mixture gives you the biggest 
variety of color ever put into one mixture — red, 
yellow, white, pink, smoky, salmon, and variegated 
shades. Ruffled and plain petals, big flowering varieties. 
A glorious display of gorgeous color. That's why we call this 
Kellogg's Glory Mixture. Varieties not labeled. 


cJlakuath (laded, 

See Descriptions and 
Prices at Right 

Pink Profusion — Hardy Hedge Rose 

Description at right. 




. Federation 2^ ion t22] 

Sonia — Hardy Garden Rose 

Description at right. 

These are the Roses 

You Have Heard About 

These famous new Roses were produced by 
M. H. Horvath, Rose Geneticist, after 50 years 
of work. They have not only beauty of form 
and color, but strong constitutions and disease 
resistance — require little care. Here are four 
really worth-while new Horvath Roses. Can be 
grown by amateurs easily, with amazing results. 

Pink Profusion <ptu*p.t«».No.298> 

Beautiful clusters of two-toned pink on 15- to 
24-inch stems, completely covering the plant. 
Each flower has eighty or more petals. Charming 
for cutting. Shiny, dark green, healthy foliage, 
fine for hedging or specimen planting. HARDY. 
Ultimate height 3 to 4 feet, 2- to 3-foot spread. 

PRICES: #1.25 each; 12 for #12.50. 

OOni3. (Plant Patent No. 299) 

Blooms profusely singly and in clusters all 
summer with 30- to 36-petaled, glowing cherry- 
red flowers, orange centers. Bluish green, healthy 
foliage. HARDY. Grows 24 to 30 inches high 
in compact bushes 18 to 24 inches wide. 

PRICES: #1.25 each; 12 for #12.50. 

.TCCiCrclXlOn (Plant Patent No. 287) 

Brilliant and sparkling rose-pink in color with 
lighter center, glowing orange undertone. Very 
many flowers on stems 12 to 24 inches long. 
Blooms 3 Yi inches across, 24 to 36 petals. Fine 
for cutting. Sweetly scented. Foliage rich, dark 
green, very healthy. HARDY. Grows 12 to 14 
feet high with many canes. Climber. 

PRICES: #1.50 each; 12 for #15.00. 

Mabelle Stearns 

An unusual Rose because it will spread if per- 
mitted and can act as an excellent ground cover. 
Flowers peach-blossom-pink with silvery reflects. 
Lovely orange undertone at center. Long bloom- 
ing — starts June and blooms until frost. 50 to 60 
petals per flower. Delightfully fragrant. Long 
lasting when cut. Clean, healthy foliage. 
HARDY. Grows about 2 feet high, spreads 6 
to 8 feet if permitted. 

PRICES: #2.00 each; 12 for #20.00. 


(Plant Patent No. 297) 

IMPORTANT! The Roses above are hardy 
in the temperate zone without protection. Can 
be grown farther north, where other Roses can- 
not, be grown, if mulched for the winter. 

£,<&ildo&mi4€<f, Rode, 

(Plant Patent No. 162) 

Texas Centennial Rose is the lovely new 
Rose that was named in honor of Texas 1 100th 
year of Statehood — and which honors every 
state of the Union with its beauty and hardi- 
ness. The color of Texas Centennial varies in 
exciting fashion; first the buds open with a 
delicate yellow-salmon color, then the full 
bloom changes to a striking combination of 
rich rose-crimson and 
pink. Blooms often meas- 
ure 5 to 6 inches across. 

Plants are very hardy, 
vigorous and thrifty with 
glossy foliage and thorns 
of rich red. 

Plants we furnish are extra strong, well- 
rooted, number one grade stock. 

PRICES: #1.00 each; #10.00 per doz. 

R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 


Everblooming Hybrid Tea Roses 

We have spent a great amount of time and care in selecting Kellogg's Blue Ribbon Everblooming Roses for 
you. Only the best varieties have been selected, varieties which we know will please you. All are healthy, two-' 
year'old budded stock and are top grade in every respect. 


ETOILB DE HOLLANDE. One of the finest dark 
red Roses ever introduced. Free flowering and ideal 
for cutting. Should be in every garden. 

GLOWING CARMINE. New Rose of glowing carmine 
color. Very outstanding. 

McGREDY'S SCARLET. A rich velvety scarlet fine 
for autumn. One of the best Roses. 

RED RADIANCE. Identical with its parent Pink Radi- 
ance except color is lively red. Very hardy. 


BETTY UPRICHARD. Here is a Rose that really 
deserves to be called everblooming for it is always 
in bloom, it seems. Salmon-pink, stained coppery 
carmine. Strong grower. Spicily fragrant. 

EDITOR McFARLAND. A brand new Rose with long 
stems, large flowers and wonderful fragrance. Deep 
pink. Awarded gold medal as most beautiful Rose 
of France, a certificate of Merit by the Lyonnaise 
Horticultural Society, and a certificate of Merit at 
Portland, Oregon, in 1932. 

LEONARD BARRON. Shell-pink tinged salmon. Plant 
is hardy and flowers are immense. New. 

MRS. CHARLES BELL. Lovely soft shell-pink. Vig- 
orous growing, free blooming. 

PINK RADIANCE. Large flowers of showy pink. 
Blooms profusely until late fall. 


CALEDONIA. Here are your desires 
fully realized in a white Rose. The 
long buds open ivory-white, then 
change to purest white, velvety dou- 
ble blooms later. 

K. A. VICTORIA. Here is one of the 
loveliest of white Roses. Color often 
shades to lemon. Fragrant. 

McGREDY'S IVORY. Creamy white 

fragrant flowers. Among the best of 
everblooming white Roses. 


Any Roses on this page: 
Each £0.75 4 for #2.25 

2 for 1.25 6 for 3.25 

3 for 1.75 12 for 6.00 
More than 12 at 50c each. 


One of each, 
25 in ail 


GOLDEN DAWN. Flowers of rich sunflower-yellow. 
Pretty buds of light yellow, blushed pink. A sun^ 
beam in itself. 

JOANNA HILL. Beautiful creamy yellow slightly suf- 
fused with pink. Almost a Talisman type. 

SOEUR THERESE (Sister Therese). Exquisite buds 
of yellow with carmine markings. Long lasting and 
fragrant. Good grower. 

VILLE DE PARIS. Clear yellow buds and flowers. 
Distinctly different. 


DUQUESA DE PENARANDA. Wonderful new Rose- 
of orange-apricot color. Double and fragrant. Among' 
the very best fall bloomers. 

KATHERINE PECHTOLD. Lovely buds of gold and 
bronzy orange. Full flowers of 25 to 30 petals. Un- 
usual and spicily fragrant. 

MME. JOSEPH PERRAUD. Bagatelle Gold Medal 
winner in 1934. Slender Nasturtium-orange buds 
opening Nasturtium-buff. Fragrant. Most beautiful. 

CONDESA DE SASTAGO. Coppery-red inside. Rich 
yellow outside. Vigorous grower. New and beau- 
HINRICH GAEDE. Very unusual Rose. A combina- 
tion of orange-red and gold. Fragrant. 
HEINRICH WENDLAND. Double flowers of reddish 
copper, back of petals rich orange. Decidedly beau- 
MRS. SAM McGREDY. Another of 
those fine McGredy Roses. Really 
one of the most beautiful Roses you 
can find, orange-salmon suffused with 
gold. Prolific bloomer, very robust. 

Beautiful contrasting shades of ma- 
roon, orange and gold. A vigorous 
grower, long bloomer and one of the 
outstanding favorites. 

TALISMAN. Here is a perfect riot of 
color — golden yellow with shades of 
copper-red and orange-rose. Nothing 
else like it. 



R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 



Grootendorst Supreme — more brilliant than ever before — better foliage — more graceful — hardier. 

Now. red, the favorite color of most flower lovers comes to you, more brilliant than ever, in this 
new Rugosa Rose— GROOTENDORST SUPREME— and it comes all summer long. The beau- 
tiful form of the flowers is shown above. They occur in close clusters like the smaller picture below. 

Grootendorst Supreme will be a glorious and striking addition to your Rose bed or landscape 
planting. Foliage is much better than the old Grooten- 
dorst and the bush is much more graceful in shape, very 
compact. Exceptionally good for all northern states as it 
is extremely hardy. Does equally well farther south. 

We re-arranged our catalog at the last minute to in- 
clude thus new brilliant red shrub Rose and we urge every 
Rose lover to have it. Remember, it can be used in the 
landscaping or foundation planting as well as in. Rose 
beds. The plants we send you are strong No. 1 plants, 
budded on strong healthy roots. 


65c each; 2 for #1.15: 3 for #1.65; 6 for #3.16; 
12 for #6.00. 

Beautiful Clusters All Summer 


It's easy to find what you want. See index, pages 84 and 85. 

%&>* Biggest R 

what you get for only $1.47. 3 prize varieties — 3 fascinat- 
ing colors — all labeled, all pruned ready for planting. And 
the collection includes your choice between the famous 
Talisman or the equally famous President Herbert Hoover. 

How to Order — Top Grade 

If you want Talisman in your collection just 
order one Kellogg's Biggest Rose Bargain with i 
Talisman and you will receive the following: ?! 
1 McGredy's Scarlet, 1 Editor McFarland, ^JB 
1 Talisman. \ 

If you prefer President Herbert Hoover, order 
one Kellogg's Biggest Rose Bargain with President 
Herbert Hoover and you will receive the following: 
1 McGredy's Scarlet, 1 Editor McFarland, 1 Presi- 
dent Herbert Hoover. 

Order Eorly 

Rose enthusiasts need not be 
urged to take advantage of this 
outstanding value. If you have 
never grown Roses, let this offer 
be your starting point. You will 
be delighted at the rare beauty 
of these wonderful varieties. 
Early orders given preference! 

PyfTDA If you order two 

c/\ i iss\ oi these collectlons 

we will give you an extra Rose 
FREE — your choice of any Rose 
listed on this page or on page 24. 

All Plants 


Beautiful Roses 

for only 


I McGredy's Scarlet 

1 Editor McFarland 


Your Choice of 

I Pres. Herbert 

Hoover — or 

I Talisman 

Top— Pres. H. Hoover Bottom-Talisman 

Woolly Yarrow 

The Pearl 

Wood Anemone 

Any 6 for H 

PRICES: 25c each; 3 for 65c; 6 for #1.00; 12 for 

THE PEARL (Achillea ptarmica). Pure white, daintily beautiful 
flowers from June to August. 12 to 18 inches tall. Fine for edg- 
ing or border. Easy to grow. Planting distance 12 to 15 inches. 
Very hardy. Plant in sunny position. Field-grown plants. 

WOOLLY YARROW (Achillea tomentosa). Pretty bright yellow 
flowers 6 to 8 inches high. Foliage woolly and carpet-like. Blooms 
July to September. Hardy, long blooming; easy culture. Plant 12 
inches apart. Field-grown. Full sun; sandy soil. Hardy. 
BUGLE PLANT (Ajuga reptans). Fine, fast-spreading plant for 
carpeting. Grows dense. Likes shade or sun. Pretty purplish blue 
flowers May and June. Easy to grow. Grows 4 inches high. 
Plant 12 inches apart. Ultimate height 6 to 10 inches. Grows well 
in shade. Hardy. Field-grown. 

MADWORT (Alyssum saxatile compaction). Fine border or 
rock plant with masses of bright yellow flowers, green leaves. 
Blooms in May. Grows 12 to 15 inches high. Easy to grow. 
Thrives in most all soils. Likes sun. Mulch in winter. Plant 12 
inches apart. Field-grown. 

DWARF ALKANET (Anchusa myosotidiftora). New! Here is one 
of the prettiest little- blue flowers you ever saw. Color and shape 
of flowers the same as Forget-me-nots. Grows about 12 inches 
high. Myriads of pretty blue flowers during May and June. Very 
hardy; does best in shade, or semi-shade. Plant 12 inches apart. 
Is more easily controlled than Forget-me-not. Field-grown. 

WOOD ANEMONE (Anemone sylvestns). Lovely pure white 
flowers 12 to 15 inches high. Does best either in partial shade or 
full shade. Blooms during May and June. A flower that should 
be in every garden. Likes woods dirt or leaf mold. Plant 10 to 
12 inches apart. Field-grown. 

PASQUE FLOWER (Anemone Pulsatilla). A delightful e-arly 
spring flower with pretty fuxzy blossoms, large and purple, that 
appear during April and May. 9 to 1 2 inches high. They like 
sun or shade. Planting distance 10 inches. Dislikes too much 
moisture. Mulch in winter. Field-grown. 

ROCK CRESS (Arabis alpina). Grows 6 inches high. Masses of 
bjoom in April and May. White flowers. Thrives with little 
moisture. Best in sun. Needs winter protection. Plant 10 inches 
apart. Field-grown. 

PINK ROCK CRESS (Arabis alpina rosea). Ultimate height 6 
inches. Blooms April and May. Thrives with little moisture. 
Best in sun. Needs winter protection. Plant 10 inches apart. 

SEA PINK (Armeria maritinia). Very, very pretty plant with 
heads of delicate pink flowers. 4 to 6 inches high. Blooms May- 
July. Evergreen foliage. Excellent for borders. Good for the. 
rockery. Easy to grow; hardy. Planting distance 8 inches. Full 
sun. Mulch in winter. Field-grown. 

PLUME POPPY (Bocconia cordata). Rugged perennial growing 
6 feet tall or more. Flowers of creamy white, June-September. 
Leaves are large and ornamental. Best of all background plants. 
Very hardy. Needs ordinary soil and ample moisture. Planting 
distance 18 to 24 inches. Field-grown. 

WINE POPPY (Callirhoe invohtcrata). Rich purplish crimson 
poppy-like blooms with beautiful ivory-white centers. Blooms 
from early summer to late fall. Grows 6 to 8 inches high. Plant- 
ing distance 18 inches. One of the most delightful of trailing 
plants. Plant in full sun. Dry location recommended. 

SNOW-IN-SUMMER (Ccrastium tomentosum). Blooms from 
June to July. Flowers white, foliage silver-gray. Grows 4 to 6 
inches high. Very spreading habit. Thrives in ordinary soil with 
little moisture. Plant 12 inches apart in full sun. Field-grown. 

BELLAMOSA DELPHINIUM. Dark blue. Grows 3 to 4 feet high, 
spread 12 inches. Blooms June to July. Very hardy. Likes rich 
well drained soil. Full sun. Fond of lime or wood ashes. Plant 
12 to 15 inches apart. 

CHINESE DELPHINIUMS. Exceedingly pretty gentian-blue flow- 
ers and fernlike foliage, 2 to 3 feet high. Blooms June through 
September. Likes rich well drained soil. Fond of lime or wood 
ashes. Plant in full sun. Planting distance 15 inches. Field-grown. 

Bellamosa Delphinium 

Wine Poppy 

Now ! Delphinium Clivedon 

Clivedon Beauty is a beautiful light blue Belladonna type 
Delphinium, really improved Belladonna but much taller 
spike and larger blooms. Same blooming time. Fine for 
cutting. Ultimate height 3 to 4 feet. Blooms June- July 
and later. Full sun, rich, well drained soil. Fond of lime 
or wood ashes. Plant 12 to 15 inches apart. 2-year, field- 
grown plants. 
PRICES: 25c each; 3 for 65c; 6 for £1.00; 12 for £1.75. 

Our index makes ordering easy — see pages 84 and 85. 


Any 6 for $ I 

PRICES: 25c each; 3 for 65c; 6 for £1,00; 12 for £1,75. 

DIANTHUS LOVELINESS. More like a dream flower than any- 
thing real — plant similar to a clump of beautiful low ornamental 
grass, with twenty-five or more blooming stems to a plant. Blooms 
quaint lavender in color, with beautiful apple-green throat. Ulti- 
mate height about 2 feet. Blooming season June and July. Sun 
or partial shade. Give winter protection. Plant 12 to 15 inches 

NEW MAIDEN PINK, ERECTA (Diantltus dclioides erccta). 
One of the prettiest little flowers you could possibly use for a 
low border or in your rockery. Flowers delicate dainty pink with 
dainty markings, nearly one inch across, and produced in great 
abundance on straight, upright stems. Foliage glossy and healthy. 
Ultimate height 6 inches. Blooms June. Full sun. Mulch in 
winter. Plant 8 inches apart. Field-grown plants. 

CRIMSON GARDEN PINK (Diatitluts laiifolius). The richest 
reddest, hardy garden Pink ever. 12 to 15 inches high. Blooms 
June through September. Likes alkaline soil. Well drained soil 
in full sun. Plant 12 inches apart. Field-grown. 

MILKWORT (Euphorbia polychroma). Showy rock or border 
plant with bronzy yellow flowers in May and June. Unique 
foliage. Grows 1 foot high. Thrives best in poorest soils. Hardy. 
Plant 12 inches apart. Two-year, field-grown plants. 

BLUEBEARD GRASS (Festuca glattca). One of the bluest of blue- 
foliaged perennials. 9 to 12 inches high in attractive clumps. 
Foliage fine- cut, excellent for edging. Planting distance 8 to 10 
inches. Sun or semi-shade. Grows well even in poor soil. 

GEUM. Beautiful and quaint! Ultimate height 18 inches. Blooms 
June-July. Likes full sun. Give winter protection. Good for 
cutting. Plant 15 inches apart. Two colors as follows: 
Mrs. Bradshaw. Bright red flowers in June-July. 
Lady Stratheden. Rich golden yellow during June and July. 

CREEPING BABY'S BREATH (Gypsophila refensj. Showers of 
white blossoms in June and July. Creeping habit, 6 inches high. 
Also comes in pink. State color wanted. Hardy. Plant 10 to 12 
inches apart. Field-grown. 

SUN ROSE (Helianthemum mutabile). Pink, yellow, white, and 
orange — mixed colors. Flowers July to September. Grows 8 to 
10 inches high. Planting distance 12 inches. Likes dry, sandy 
location. Protect in winter. Field-grown. 

PINK CORALBELL (Heuchera briaoides). Long, June to Sep- 
tember, blooming period. Rich green, beautiful foliage. Dainty 
coral-pink flowers. 15 to 18 inches high. Planting distance 12 
inches. Field -grown. 

ST. JOHN'S WORT (Hypericum reptans). Extremely prostrate, 
fernlike foliage; large, brilliant golden yellow flowers. June 
through August. Planting distance 12 inches. Ultimate height 
4 to 6 inches. Likes a sandy loam. Sun or partial shade. Field- 

PERENNIAL PEA (Lathyrus latifolius). Blooms in June and 
July, will climb any support. Hardy. Planting distance 2'/2 to 
3 feet. Grows 6 feet or more. Best in full sun. Does not "like 
acid soil. Hardy. Colors: Red, Pink and White. State choice of 
colors. Plants field-grown. 

SWEET LAVENDER (Lavandula vera). 15 to 18 inches high. 
Loads, of fragrant, blue flowers, July and August. Planting dis- 
tance 15 inches. Field-grown. 

EDELWEISS (Leontopodium alpimim). This is the flower for 
which Alpine lovers risk their lives. Grows 4 to 6 inches high. 
Leaves silvery with pale- yellow flowers. June and July. Plant 
6 to 8 inches apart. Entire plant is woolly. Inconspicuous yellow 
flowers. Likes light soil and very little moisture. Protect in 

BLAZING STAR (Liatris pyenostachya). Beautiful in summer 
months and for dried bouquets in winter. Actually when in bloom 
it does look like a biasing star. Blooms in July and August. 
Spikes tall, beautiful bluish lavender colored, 4 feet high. Very 
hardy. Plant them S to 10 inches apart. Sun or shade. Plants 
furnished arc field-grown. 

GOLDEN FLAX (Liuum flavitm). Pretty bits of dancing gold. 
Blooms May to August. 12 to 15 inches high. Hardy, easy to 
grow. All lovers of pretty yellows should have this flower. Plant 
12 inches apart. Sandy loam best. Full sun. Field-grown. 

INDIAN PAINT BRUSH (Lobelia cardiualis). Rich, fiery red 
flowers produced on strong spikes, 3 to 4 feet high. Long bloom- 
ing period, July-August. Planting distance 12 inches. Best in 
moist, shaded location. Hardy. Field-grown. 

LUPINES (Lupinus polyphylhis). Handsome foliage, handsome, 
pea-shaped flowers 3 to 4 feet high. Blooms May to June. Plant 
15 inches apart. Blue, pink, and white. State choice. Like slightly 
acid, well drained soil and plenty of water. Sun or partial shade. 


Sweet Lavender 

Golden Flax 

R, M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 


Any 6 for l $ 

PRICES; 25c each; 3 for 65c; 6 for £1.00; 12 for £1.75. 
MALTESE CROSS (Lychnis chalcedonica). Most vivid scarlet. 
i July. Grows 2'/2 to 3 feet high. Very brilliant. Fine cut flower. 

Planting distance 15 inches. Best in sun or partial shade. Ordinary 

soil. Hardy. Field-grown. 

HIBISCUS (Mallow), A giant 3-to 4-foot perennial. Showy blooms 
July-August. Planting distance 2 feet. Cut back to soil's surface 
each spring. Hardy. Best in full sun. Three colors: Pink, Red 
and White. State color. Field-grown. 

Mixed Hibiscus 

We have been unable to mark all Hibiscus as to color, 
and offer mixed colors at 3 for 48c; 8 for £1.00; 12 for 

Coat Flower 


FORGET-ME-NOT (Myosotis pahtstris scmperflorens). 4 to 6 
inches high. Flowers sky-blue, blooms from May to September. 
Plant 12 inches apart. Best in shaded location. Hardy. Field- 

GROUND IVY (Nepeta Mussi'm). Dwarf, compact plant with 
silvery gray foliage producing myriads of lavender-blue flowers 
all spring and occasionally during summer. Grows 12 inches high. 
Planting distance 12 inches. Full sun. Hardy. Field-grown. 

EVENING PRIMROSE (Oenothera). Pretty yellow cups about 
two inches across. 12 to 15 inches high. Blooms June till October. 
Planting distance 12 inches. Field-grown. 

FALSE DRAGONHEAD (Physostcgia i-irginica, Vivid). Flowers 
lively pink similar to Snapdragons. Blooms July to September, 20 
inches high. Planting distance 15 inches. Thrives in all soils. 
Does well in shade. Hardy. Field-grown. 

PLUMBAGO LARPENTAE (Leadwort). Dwarf, spreading plant. 
Clear deep blue, 1-inch flowers. 6 to 8 inches high. Blooms 
August-September. Sun or partial shade. Plant 10 to 12 inches 
apart. Protect in winter. Potted plants. 

SALVIA AZUREA (Meadow Sage). Attractive 3- to 4 -foot per- 
ennial. Produces profusion of sky-blue flowers, August and 
September. Planting distance 12 to 15 inches. Best in full sun. 
Hardy. Field-grown, 

SOAPWORT (Saponaria ocymoides). Prostrate plant producing 
myriads of rosy pink blossoms in May and June. Extremely hardy. 
Grows 4 to 6 inches high. Plant 12 inches apart. Field-grown. 

SEDUM SIEBOLDI. The aristocrat of Sedums! Foliage round and 
a beautiful gray-blue, borne thickly upon stems 3 to 6 inches 
long. Flowers of rare pink. August and September. Planting 
distance 6 to 8 inches. Field-grown. 

HEN AND CPIICKENS. Grows in cracks or crevices where other 
plants fail. Grows 2 to 3 inches high. Blooms June and July. 
Planting distance 6 inches. Field-grown. 

GREAT SEA LAVENDER (Statice latifoUa). Gives a beautiful 
misty effect when in bloom. Produces myriads of minute lavender 
flowers in feathery fashion. 12 to 18 inches high. July and Au- 
gust. Large, leathery, dark green leaves. Excellent for dried bou- 
quets. Hardy. Plant 10 to 12 inches apart. Likes sunny location 
and sandy loam. Field-grown. 

MIDGET HEDGE (Teucrium chamaedrys). May be sheared &» 
any height up to 12 inches. Foliage dense, glossy green, arnmat". . 
resembling Boxwood. Bright lavender-pink flowers. Bloom* Jul* 
and August. Not evergreen but quickly resumes full leal oach 
season. Fine for pretty low hedges or borders. Plant 8 to 10 
inches apart. Hardy. Field-grown. 

MOUNTAIN THYME (Thymus serpyllum). Fine for ground 
cover where grass fails. Small, lilac-purple blooms June-July. 
Can be walked upon or mowed. Grows 8 to 10 inches high. 
Plant 8 to 10 inches apart. Hardy. Field^grown. 

COAT FLOWER (Tunica saxifraga). Tiny, shimmering flowers 
of pretty pink that seem to float over beautiful low, green foliage. 
Grows 8 inches high. Blooms all summer. Plant 12 inches apart. 
Does well even in poor soil. Hardy. Field-grown. 

GARDEN HELIOTROPE (Valeriana officinalis). Useful border 
plant growing 3 feet high with pretty heads of misty lavender 
flowers in June and July. Agreeable heliotrope odor. Very hardy. 
Fond of lime. Plant 12 to 15 inches apart. Two-year, field-grown. 

SILVER SPEEDWELL (Veronica incana). Pretty blue flowers in 
spikes; silvery gray foliage. Grows 12 inches high. Blooms July 
and August. Very pretty. Plant 8 to 10 inches apart. Hardy. 

SPEEDWELL (Veronica lougifolia). Rich blue flower spikes. Au- 
gust. Two feet high. Planting distance 12 inches. Hardy. 

Easy-to-use Tndex on pages 84-85 




Color - True 



2 for 

3 for ... .79 12 for ... 2.70 

PRICES: A * t ♦ 

each 4 for . ^i oo Aquilegias 

...#0.55 8 for ... 1.85 * O 

Choose the color you want — these are Color-True varieties, tall grow^ 
ing, mammoth-flowering, long-spurred — will make a beautiful display. 

beautiful yellow, just as 
pretty and charming as it 
can be! Ultimate height 
V/ 2 to 2|/ 2 ft. Blooms May 
and June. Hardy. Plant 12 
to 15 inches apart. 
COERULEA. Outer petals 
beautiful blue, tinged yel- 
low in throat. Ultimate 
height 15 to 18 inches. 
Blooms April to July. Plant 
12 inches apart. Ideal for 
rockery. Hardy. 

ful silvery white tinged 
with cream in the throat. 
Ultimate height V/ 2 to 
2]/i feet. Blooms May 
and June. Hardy. Plant 
12 to 15 inches apart. 
Petals striking crimson with white 
centers — and blooms 3 inches and 
more across. Brilliant! Ultimate height 
l'/2 to 2 J/2 feet. Blooms May-June. 
Hardy. Best in shade or partial shade. 
Plant 12 to 15 inches apart. 

All Four $ |°° 

Send us only $1.00 and we will 
send you one each of the four color- 
true Aquilegias, or you may choose 
the varieties you want. 


Glemcdil - rf-lawe/ied 

45c each 

3 for #1.00 

6 for 1.85 

(Aquilegia clematiflora) 
Flowers 2 to 4 inches across and have no spurs on 
most of them. If you want something distinctly new, 
order Aquilegia clematiflora. Mixed colors, beautiful 
pastel shades only — -pink, yellow, blue, white and 
cream. Sorry, but we can't give color choice- — hybrids. 
Ultimate height 18 to 24 inches. Bloom May-June. 
Does best in partial or full shade. Hardy. Plant 12 
to 15 inches apart. PRICES: 45c each; 3 for #1.00; 
6 for #1.85. 

Longissima J / wG44A • 

Noted for its unusually long, slender spurs, 4 to 5 
inches long, giving the pale yellow flowers an excep- 
tionally graceful effect. Coming from Northern Mexico 
it is able to withstand heat and dry weather. Does well 
in hot, dry places in the garden. June flowering. Height 
18 inches. Hardy. Likes rich soil. Does well in sun or 
shade. Plant 12 to 14 inches apart. PRICES: 30c each; 
2 for 55c; 3 for 79c; 4 for #1.00; 8 for #1.85; 12 for 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 



Starts Blooming About 
July 1st and Continues 
Nov. 1st. 

\ AUGUST /«m 



and will 

winter if 
and taken in 
the house 

Kellogg's Dazzler, the new improved hardy 
everblooming Carnation is the heaviest bloom' 
ing, most gorgeous and largest flowering hardy 
Carnation ever introduced. Foliage is dark olive 
green and each plant produces 20 to 30 strong, 
15' to 20'inch blooming stalks supporting flow- 
ers in great profusion. 40 to 50 bright crimson 
flowers open at one time on each plant. The 
blooms are richly clove-scented, deep crimson in 
color, and the plant blooms continually from the 
middle of June to late October. Will bloom all 
winter if potted and put in medium warm room. 
Plant grows nearly as large as a bushel basket 
first season and it's hardy, too; stood 15 degrees 
below zero without injury. Blooms first year. 

Dazzler is the gem of the rockery, the dazzle 
of the flower garden, the king of the border, and 
the greatest of all flowers for group planting. 

Glorify your garden with Kellogg's Dazzler, the 

brightest red and most dazzling flower of all time. 



Or, other quantities as follows: 35c each; 
3 for 85c; 12 for #2.45; 25 for #4.50. 

Now, at last! Here are your ideal Delphiniums. 
Nearly all Double. More colors — tall — beautiful! 
See further details at right. 


Pacific Strain 

The beautiful color picture of Pacific Del- 
phiniums tells you more than we could say in 
10,000 words; however, here are a few things 
the picture does not tell. 

SO pel cent ^bo44tUe 

When we were first told that these Pacific Strain 
Hybrid Delphiniums would be 80% double we did 
not believe it but exhaustive tests on our own nursery 
actually do prove that at least eight out of every ten 
of these will be double. Field-marked 100% double 
Delphiniums sell for 75c each. Now you can order 
this Pacific Hybrid Strain and nearly every one of 
them will be double. Note the extremely low prices 
at the left. 

< Iall f SttoHKj, 
tf-letUUe StewtA, 

The stems of Pacific Hybrid Delphiniums are not 
only tall and strong, but flexible and instead of break' 
ing in a strong breeze they spring right back into po- 
sition. You will have less broken stems with Pacific 
Hybrids than with any other variety. 

Not only are Pacific Hybrid Delphiniums 
nearly all double, but they come in a larger 
color range. Colors range from delicate light 
blue to dark purple as shown. 

Spikes of Pacific Hybrid Delphiniums 
are closely packed with large, beautiful 
florets as shown. Each spike is a marvel 
of beauty. 


Pacific Hybrid Strain Delphiniums are perfectly 
hardy and will come through your winters with no 
more protection than you give other Delphiniums. 

Pure Doubles and 
Whites are Rare — 

Order Them Her el 

These white and double Delphiniums were 
marked in our fields at blooming time. We guar' 
antee them to be as described. 

ORDER EARLY! Our supply of Pacific Hybrids 
is limited. Order early and be sure to get yours. We 
furnish strong, field'grown plants. Ultimate height 
5 feet. Blooms June and later. Like rich soil and sun 
Fine for cutting. Assorted colors only. Plant 12 
to 15 inches. Prices at left, top of page. 



Out of approximately 
17,000 Pacific Delphin- 
iums we found only 100 
whites, so you can realize 
their rarity. These are not 
the weak growing white 
Delphiniums ordinarily 
sold, but strong, vigorous 
Pacific Hybrids marked at 
blooming time in our 
fields. We have only an 
exceedingly limited supply 
of these rarities, so YOU 

PRICES: #1.00 each. 




These double Pacific 
Delphiniums come in 
shades of blue, old ro*e, 
pink, lavender and purple 
— mixed colors only. 

We have marked only 
a limited number for sale 
as guaranteed doubles, so 
order promptly. 

PRICES: 75c each; 2 for 
#1.35; 3 for #1.95; 6 for 

Its easy to find what you want. See index, pages 84 and 85. 


HR jLr i .^^ ^^B 



WSa \ 


rajr ■ V 


B|Hri 'fll 

' T-'/flr -^H 


Jr^r jB 

f ¥*V J 

Hp *&k <>» 


,;A ■; '*^*3 

L^v*^- jiM 

R£ € ^Jh 

^^T^B^F sk v ^^p 

t *§f 1 4pf«J 

& h^B Ibme ^^^BT \ 


; ^^H Wk ^^Jtj^q 


This collection will appeal 
to everyone who likes gor- 
geous masses of color. The 
flower spikes arc unusually 
massive and rich in their 



3 for 65c 
6 for #1.00 
12 for #1.85 

These tall and rugged growers have foli' 
age that is unusually broad and handsome. 
Flower spikes are extremely massive with a 
magnificent grandeur of varied colors. Hero 
you will find all shades of blue, old rose, 
pink, lavender and purpk and a profusion 
of double and semi-double flowers. Ultimate 
height up to 6 or 7 feet. Bloom during 
June and July and later. Planting dis- 
tance, 18 inches. Mixed colors only. Like 
sun and rich, well drained soil. Prices 

Hollyhock Delphinium 

O JZamasUUta 

3 for 65c 
6 for £1.00 
12 for £1.85 


Don't let your garden lack the richness and 
beauty of deep indigo-blue. Lamartina Delphinium 
has it. It is the richest of all blues. Blooms mid- 
June to mid-October or longer. Simply loaded with 
spike after spike of rich blue flowers, 3 to 4 feet 
tall. Likes sun and well drained soil. Plant 12 
to 15 inches apart. Prices above. 

Lamartina Delphinium 




Many peo- ^H V 
pie write us ^m 

asking for ^^^F 
flowers that I ^m 
can be grown ^^^ 
in the shade. 
Here is a com' 
plete list with the pages on 
which descriptions and 
pictures can be found. 

The plants listed in black 
type are those which can be 
used in rather heavy shade. 
Plants listed in light-faced type 
can be grown in spots that are 
shaded for about one-half of the 


Aquilegias (All 

kinds) 30, 54, 71, 73 

Astilbe Peach Blossom 37 

Bluebells of Scotland 74 

Bugle Plant 27 

Carpathian Harebell 74 

Day Lilies 75 

Dwarf Alkanet 27 

Edelweiss 28 

Forget-me-not 29 

Fuchsia 66 

Globe Flower 36 

Hardy Asters 72 

Hen and Chickens 29 

Iceland Poppy Amurense ...53 

Iceland Poppy 75 

Indian Paint Brush .28 

Japanese Anemone 72 

Japanese Spurge 35 

Leadwort 29 

Mountain Thyme 29 

Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart 72 

Pasque Flower 27 

Pentstemon 56 57 

Pink Coralbell 28 

Plumy Bleeding Heart 72 

Primrose 65, 84 

Ragged Gypsy 75 

Rock Cress 27 

Russian Violets 56, 57 

St. John's Wort 28 

Sedum Sicboldi 29 

Violas 65, 85 

Violets 64 

Wine Poppy 27 

Wood Anemone 27 

Woolly Yarrow 27 


Azalea Mollis 67 

Coral Dogwood 77 

European Cranberry ........ 78 

Fragrant Honeysuckle .82 

Golden Bell 78 

Improved Red Snowberry ...82 
Japanese Barberry (Green) ..83 
Pink Tartarian Honeysuckle .82 

Red Flowering Dogwood 76 

Regel Privet 83 

Rhododendron 66, 67 

Sweet Shrub 78 

White Flowering Dogwood 76 
White Snowberry 82 




Many of the loveliest and most popular flowers bloom 
at their best in shady spots. Now, in response to an 
ever-growing demand, we offer Kellogg's Shadyside 
Garden composed only of plants that bloom satisfactorily in 
the shade. The pictures here show a few of them, and in 
filling orders for Kellogg's Shadyside Garden we shall en' 
deavor to include plants illustrated, but reserve the right to 
substitute other Shadyside plants of equal value if sold out 
of any of them. 

12 plants, our choice, labeled for your convenience in 
planting, all first grade stock, special price Only #1.87. 
(N t e: — Value would run $2.50 or more if you made choice.) 

2 Shadyside 

7 A plants 

L * $3.69 

/ / 





shown are 


upper left) 

Pasque Flower 

Globe Flower 

Plumy Bleeding 

Wood Anemone 
Bleeding Heart 

Japanese Spurge 

Shady Ground Cover 
Japanese Spurge 

JAPANESE SPURGE (Pachysandra terminalis). This is the 
best ground cover we know of and the prettiest. It gives 
dense masses of lustrous green leaves. Trailing vine to 12 
inches high. Perfect for shady places and poor soil. Thrive, 
welt under evergreens or anywhere. Practically evergreen. 
If an immediate effect is desired use 3 plants to each square 
foot. PRICES: Field-grown plants, 20c each; 3 for 55c; 
6 for #1.00; 12 for #1.85. 

Let us help you find what you want. Index pages 84 and 85. 


Isaac House 

(Blue Bonnet). Scabiosa Caucasica has been such 
an extremely popular flower that we know you will 
welcome these Isaac House Hybrids with their soft 
and lovely shades of lavender. They commence 
blooming in June on tall stems 18 to 24 inches high 
and continue until September. Hardy. Do nicely 
in sun or partial shade. Fine as cut flowers. 

PRICES: 30c each; 2 for 55c; 3 for 79c; 4 for 
#1.00; 8 for #1.85; 12 for #2.70. 



30c each 

2 for #0.55 

3 for .79 

4 for 1.00 
8 for 1.85 

12 for 2.70 

4 Trollius 


/Globe \ 


You will love the incandescent beauty of Trol' 
lius — they really seem to glow with their own 
hidden fire. The color is amazingly beautiful 
orange-yellow with still richer fluffy stamens. 
Flowers produced in great masses. Beautifully 
globular in shape, 1^2 to 2 inches or more across, 
1 to 2 feet tall, bloom May to August. Plant 
them 8 inches apart. 

Trollius do especially well in a moist and a 
shady location. 

PRICES: 30c each; 2 for 55c; 3 for 79c; 4 
for #1.00; 8 for #1.85; 12 for #2.70. 

IN Es W ♦ SHRUB ROSE— See page 25. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 

&4AA! Pages 

2 and 3 


See pages 2 and 3 for this important new Campanula 
with gardenia type blossom — essential if you want your 
garden up-to'date. 

do well 
in the 






make very 
fine cut 


dry or 
quite wet 

Peach Blossom 

Beautiful panicles of flowers 8 to 10 
inches long, very graceful and pretty in 
coloring — pcach'blossom-pink. Blooms 
during June and July. Grows l'/j to 2 
feet tall. Excellent for cutting. Plant IS 
to 18 inches apart. Likes shade or semi- 
shade. PRICES: 50c each; 2 for 85c; 
3 for 01.15J 4 for gl.50. 

Japanese Bellflower 

(Platycodon — Balloon Flower) 
So perfect in form it seems made 
of wax. Decidedly • beautiful, bell' 
shaped or broadly cup-shaped flow 
ers, growing V/z^° 2 feet tall. BeaU' 
tiful dark green foliage. Blooms July 
and August. Very hardy. Likes sun 
or shade, any well drained soil will 

do. Spread 12 inches. Strong, 2-year plants. Two colors, blue or white. 

State color wanted. PRICES: Field-grown plants, 25c each; 3 for 65c; 

6 for #1.00; 12 for #1.85. 

It's easy to find what you want. See index, pages 84 and 85 


Elmer D. Smith GUru^HtU&muwti, 

Over 55 years of Mr. Smith's life 
was devoted to "Mum" breeding 
and he was known throughout the 
world as the greatest breeder of 
Chrysanthemums who ever lived. Do 
not fail to include these three amazing 
masterpieces in your order. PRICES: 
30c each; 3 for 70c; 6 for #1.25; 12 
for #2.35. 


Shades of 
g 1 i s tening 
gold and 
bronze seem 
to dance right 
out from the 
center of this 
be a u t i f ul 
Flowers meas- 
ure nearly 
2 Vi inches 
across. Prices 


splash of deep 
a m e t h yst- 
mauve- colors 
seem to dance 
and sparkle 
with living, 
breathing per- 
Blooms meas- 
ure nearly 
2 Yi inches 
across and arc borne 
closely in clusters, giving 
a beautiful display. Prices 

Garnet Gem 


fine, well 'bred 
dandy. Center is rich 
golden yellow, pet' 
als rich, garnet-red. 
Flowers 3 inches 
across. Prices above. 



Exceedingly early — late 
July till frost. Rich bronze 
colored 2-inch flowers, 
stained with red and apri' 
cot. Hardy if mulched. 
Grows 2 to 3 feet high. 
Spread two feet. Likes 
sun. PRICES: Strong potted plants, 30c each; 3 for 

70c; 6 for #1.25; 
12 for #2.35. 



Beautiful clear 

yellow anemone 

type flowers — rich 

dark green bushy 

foliage. Often 50 

blossoms per 

plant. Grows 2 to 

3 feet high. Plant' 

ing distance 2 feet. Mulch in winter. Blooms later 

than others. PRICES: 30c each; 3 for 70c; 6 for #1.25; 

12 for #2.35. 


•i' 4A 

On Azaleamums, Golden Glorymum 
and Santa Claus 

On the following pages you will find descriptions and pictures of 
the most marvelous flowers ever originated — Golden Glorymum, 
Santa Claus and four varieties of Azaleamum. These plants become 
completely covered with flowers sometime in August and continue 
blooming that way until stopped by frost — hundreds and hundreds 
of blossoms on one plant at one time. You will surely want some 
of these marvelous plants. 

Here are some special offers that will save you money. Friends 
and neighbors will exclaim jit the beauty of Asaleamums and Glory 

mums in your garden. Don't omit 
them from your order. 


*£?U ^! f ° Un 


Itir^fV- J-ach o< them a, 


,u one e 

X T % « Beauty Azaleamum • • • • 
1 Br °" Oueen Azaleamum . • • 

Total Value 

^^€d & 

2 G °Ide n 

Turn hi 

Plants t c °lor 


• ?.05 


X Ptice oni 



Spea ^ Price""** 

• • • • ^1.35 
•••• 5 

•*>*3. i0 

j Bronze Beauty Azalea mum . ' f_ 

ICa^eoQueenAzaleamun,..;--- f. 

I Golden Glorymum ' .' ! .' [ ^ ] I>0 ° 

Total Value . . " 

Special Price ^ 4 ' 35 

This special gives you Air* 97 C 
the biggest value of all. You £ Q m / Q 
get two each of each variety 
of Azaleamums, Santa Claus and Golden 
Glorymum as follows: 

2 Magic White Azaleamums #1.15 

2 Bronze Beauty Azaleamums 1.15 

2 Cameo Queen Azaleamums 1.15 

2 Golden Wonder Azaleamums .... 1.15 

2 Santa Claus 1.75 

2 Golden Glorymums 1.35 

Total Value #7.70 

Special Price 5.75 

You save nearly $2.00. 







Some time ago we were shown the 
most amazingly beautiful Gladiolus we 
had ever seen. We wanted it at once, 
especially when told that it was Mrs. 
George Kinyon's origination, and fin- 
ally arranged for its purchase just be 
fore our catalog went to press. We 
were too late for a color picture, but 
imagine a Glad twice as beautiful as 
any you ever saw before and you 
will have a faint idea of Seventh 
Heaven's beauty. It is Mrs. Kinyon's 
masterpiece. See page 10. 

#1.00 each 

2 for #1.75 

4 for 3.00 



^^^k iA 6 for 3 

THE red picture at the right is Santa Ciaus, all loaded with 
hundreds of beautiful presents — presents of beautiful flow- 
ers for you! Each Santa Ciaus flower is a beauty. They are 
beautiful dark red in color, even prettier than the picture, and 
are beautiful in shape and large in size — usually 2]/i to 3 inches 
across, sometimes more. A pretty tuft of small petals in the 
center opens up and displays a delightful contrasting shade of gold. 


O ANTA CLAUS usually starts blooming some time during Au- 
^ gust and continues until stopped by frost, but it takes a good 
frost to stop Santa Ciaus. Santa Ciaus is probably injured less by 
frost than any other flower of its type. Often new blossoms open 
from buds after frost. 


O ANTA CLAUS is similar in shape and quantity of blossoms 
^r to Asaleamums and Glorymums but grows somewhat taller 
and is ONE OF THE MOST HARDY OF ALL. In fact, it is 
exceedingly hardy and easy to grow. 

PRICES: #1.00 each; 2 for #1.75; 4 for #3.00; 
6 for #3.97. 

Convenient index on pages 84 and 85. 


SANTA CLAUS — from a small potted plant to this dazzling 
beauty in just four months — full display first season. 

O.N September 24, 1938, the plant above was 32 inches 
high, 48 inches across, and 132 inches around. We 
sincerely believe there were at least 2000 buds and flowers 
on the plant — a conservative estimate. Prices: £(1.00 each; 
2 for #1.75; 4 for $3.00; 6 for $3.97. Strong plants out of 
pots with ball of earth on roots. 

Glorymum I 


Patent | 









IMPORTANT! You should have 
both Golden Glorymum and Azalea- 
mum Golden Wonder. The colors 
are different. Golden Glorymum is rich golden yellow. 
Golden Wonder is lemon-yellow. 

ERE'S beautiful golden yellow for you in rich masses so 

amazing you can hardly believe your eyes. Golden Glory 

mum produces a huge plant 3 to 4 feet across just like Azalea' 

mums and every bloom is a marvel of beauty, delightful in 

bouquets. Just imagine the amazing display! We have seen 

over 2000 blossoms by actual count on one plant. You can 

cut all you wish for bouquets and still have plenty in your 

garden. Can't you imagine the excitement it is going to create 

among all who see it growing for you! Prices of Golden Glorymum: 

75c each; 2 for #1.35; 3 for #1.85; 6 for #3.35; 12 for #5.95. Strong, 

pot-grown plants with ball of earth on roots. 


75c each 

2, #1.35 6, #3.35 

3, 1.85 12, 5.95 

Strong, pot-grown plants 
with ball of earth on roots. 

U. S. Plant Patent 
No. 251 



seems real, its beauty is so unusual. 
Flowers are produced hundreds at a time, 
like great masses of glittering gold. 
Everyone will ask where you got it and 
what is its name. Golden Glorymum is 
a startling contrast to any other flower, - 
a gorgeous display that will make every I 
one marvel. Plant Patent No. 251. | 
Prices: Strong, pot-grown plants with 
ball of earth on roots, 75c each; 2 for 
#1.35; 3 for #1.85; 6 for #3.35; 12 for 


PMox Collection 

he picture above shows a Pink Azaleamum in full bloom. The White, Bronze and Gc 
ce the Pink Cameo Queen above. The only difference is in the color. See the blosso 


CtonesiH 1 

BpIow arp Klr»«5«jntn«5 from eacK of the four col- 
eiow are Diossoms ors of Azaleamum _ Each 

one blossoms in huge abundance just like the Pink at 
the left. Order eight at the bargain price of $3.55 as 
indicated at the right and you will have a marvelous 
display of loveliness. 

No. 204.) Really one of the most beautiful flowers you 
ever saw. Blossoms first open a very delicate pink, then 
as they become fully open this turns to white with faint 
yellow center, giving the effect of a beautiful snowdrift 
tinged with the rays of the setting sun when plant is in 
full blossom. Every garden should have the White 
Azaleamum. HARDY1 


jolden Yellow all bloom just 
soms at the right for color. 



0s 9 * Five 
Star Phlox 

The five Phlox shown at the left are the out' 
standing varieties of today. For vigor, produc- 
tiveness, and beauty they cannot be surpassed. 
Prices: Any of the five, 1 for 35c; 2 for 55c; 
3 for 75c; 5 for #1.15; 10 for #2.15; 20 for 


What a charming color combination! Rich salmon- 
pink with pretty bluish eye. Very unusual. Very 
compact flower head and beautiful florets. Very robust 
grower with plenty of vitality. Often 12 to 15 flower 
spikes per plant, massive display. Grows 2 to 3 feet 
high. Very hardy. Fine for cutting. Prices above. 

Moonlight Dream 

This Phlox is very well named. It is pure white 
with faint apple-green in the center, giving a bewitch- 
ing moonlight effect. Plant is very healthy, strong 
and upright growing. A new white and an improve- 
ment over all previous whites. You should have 
Moonlight Dream. Prices above. 

Daily Sketch 

Here is a pink so dainty and pretty that it cannot 
actually be reproduced. You must grow Daily Sketch 
to see how beautiful it is. The florets are the largest 
you ever saw- — -IJ/2 inches across — as large as a good 
size Pansy. Color does not fade but stays beautiful 
throughout the season. Long blooming season, July 
to frost. Hardy. Prices above. 

Salmon Glow 

Here is a shade of deep rich salmon-pink so beau- 
tiful and satisfying that you will immediately want to 
discard all other salmon Phlox in its favor. Eye deep 
carmine. Heads well filled and stately. Foliage healthy 
and strong. You should by all means have this amaz- 
ingly beautiful variety. Prices above. 



Here is a beautiful Phlox with a color so mysteri- 
ously beautiful that it can hardly be described. It is 
an amazing dark carmine-red that seems to belong to 
another world. A strong, vigorous grower, healthy 
and hardy, easy to grow. Expect to see something far 
more beautiful than the picture when your Africa 
Phlox blooms. Prices above. 




% * J 


Make your own 
collection of Phlox, 
your choice, from 
the varieties named 
below. All are very 
fine varieties of 
proven beauty and 
hardiness. PRICES: 
25c each; 3 for 67c; 
5 for $(1.00; 6 for 
#1.17; 10 for #1.85. 

AETNA. Dark red, 
darker eye. 

B. COMTE. Large 
heads brilliantly 
colored, rich wine- 
purple. Low-grow- 

Delicate pink with 
deep rosy red blush 
starting at the cen- 
ter and diffusing 
outward in the 
most delightful 
manner. As many 
as one dozen fine 
sturdy flowering 
stalks per plant. 

BORDER QUEEN. Enormous head, flowers pure 
rich and beautiful pink. Low growing. 

Color decidedly striking. Extra large flower trusses. 
Vigorous and healthy. 

COUNT ZEPPELIN. Large pure clear white, dis- 
tinct vermilion-red eye. 

E. I. FARRINGTON. Delightful salmon, lighter eye. 

ENCHANTRESS. Bright salmon-pink with dark eye. 

EUROPA. Large white Phlox with large florets. Faint 
red center. 


HAUPTMANN KOEHL. Dark blood-red. Large 
clusters on strong, tall stems. Florets large. 

JULES SANDEAU. Very large heads of brilliant 
watermelon-pink, low-growing. 

MORGENROOD. Large clusters of a wonderfully 
beautitul bright rose shade, deeper eye. Large 

MRS. FRANK BEATTY. A new and beautiful type 
of laciniated blossom, the first of its kind, a delicate 
tone of pink. Heads well filled and well shaped. 
Hardy and disease resistant. 

MRS. JENKINS. Tall white variety. 

NANA COERULEA. Dwarf blue. Hardy. 

PAINTED LADY. Soft pink, carmine eye. 

ROKOKO. Clear soft pink. 

ROYAL PURPLE. Purple deep at edges, shading to 
violet in center of petals. 

MISS LINGARD (Suffruticosa). Low-growing enor- 
mous trusses of pure white. Blooms early, 

PINK LINGARD (Suffruticosa). Same as above but 

It's easy to find what you want. Se? index, pages 84 and 85. 



Each a different vari- 
ety and color. Hardy! 
Strong, field-grown 
plants, same quality h- 
our highest priced col- 
lections but varieties not 
labeled. Thousands will 
take advantage of this 
offer, and the sup- 
ply may soon be 
gone, so hurr>- 
your order whifc 
the supply last;. 





These PhJox 
would cost you 
$2.00 or more 
if ordered by 


/IpUca Pld&x, 

Above is a picture of Africa, 
the beautiful RED Phlox. Heads 
are enormous, and flowers are bril- 
liantly red, rare and beautiful. 
Plant sturdy and upright. A fine 
variety that you should have. 
Value 35c each. 

See color picture on page 48. 

Order the collection above at once and we will send you 
one Africa Phlox, labeled, the beautiful RED Phlox shown 
here, free, making 9 Phlox in all. Send your order at once, as 
we cannot guarantee to give the Africa Phlox free if you 
wait more than 30 days after receipt of catalog. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 

Here's a delightful little flower 
that's pretty ALL THE TIME. 
First it appears as a little cushion 
all soft and fuzzy like the back 
of a furry kitten. Then in May 
flower buds appear — hundreds 
of them — on short, straight stems 
that bristle out like the quills of 
a frightened porcupine. And 
then in late May and June 
blooms appear, like a beautiful 
miniature fireworks display, like 
hundreds of tiny rockets all ex' 
ploding at once. 

Just like 
hundreds of 
tiny sky rock- 
ets all ex- 
ploding at 
once. See de- 
scription a t 





1 for. .#0.25 
3 for.. .67 
5 for.. 1.00 

8 for.. #1.49^ 
10 for.. 1.85 
12 for. . 2.15 

Like a Fuzzy Kitten 


Seven Points 
of Goodness . 

(1) Hardy. 

(2) Evergreen foliage. "^-; 

(3) Low growing. 

(4) Keeps its shape. -^; 

(5) Long blooming (4 -^ 

to 6 weeks). ^ 

(6) Blooms at Decoration' 


(7) Flowers erect. 

PlanJ'iO'ko 1 12 in. apart. 

The picture at the left shows Dianthus Rose Dawn in the 
"Fuzzy^Kitten" stage. Color is a beautiful bluish tone. Rose 
Dawn is fine for border or rockery. Thrives in ordinary soil. 
Plant 10 to 12 inches apart. 

More than 12 at 15c each, 

field-grown plants, 

/ . 

Ultimate height 4 to 5 inches. Blooms- 
late, May and June. Does well in sun. 
'or partial shade. Ayoid i acid, soil "and too 
much water! Planj'' it) 1 to 1 12 in. 




35c each 

2 for 55c 

3 for 75c 

4 for 95c 
6 for #1.35 
12 for #2,50 

PRICES: 35c each; 2 for 55c; 3 for 75c; 4 for 95c; 
6 for #1.35; 12 for #2.50. 

n/ k/AtU Swan" 

(Chrysanthemum leucanthemum) 

Now this charming Double Memorial Day Daisy 
comes to beautify your garden. Double Memorial 
Day Daisy, White Swan, has a fine, double, fluffy 
center as shown in the picture. When the plants are 
established they will produce some fifteen to thirty 
pure white flowers per plant. Stems grow to be 24 
to 30 inches high. Blooms appear for Memorial Day 
in most sections and continue throughout June. 
HARDY. Decidedly beautiful. You should have it 
in your garden. Plant 12 to 15 inches apart. 


Beatrix and 
Furst Bismarck 

Thousands buy these beautiful aromatic flowers be- 
cause of their alluring aroma. Dianthus Furst Bis' 
marck and Beatrix are worth while for their delightful 
odor alone — they have rare beauty too. 

shows Bea' 
trix. Beatrix 
and Furst 
Bismarck are 
identical e x * 
cepting for 



Brilliant intense spirited crimson. 
Blooms profusely in clusters. Height 
10 inches. Blooms June, July and 
later. Thrives in ordinary garden 
soil if not sour. PRICES: 30c each; 
2 for 55c; 3 for 79c; 4 for #1.00; 
8 for #1.85. 


Exactly like Dianthus Furst Bis' 
marck but color is delightful sal' 
moivpink. Ultimate height 10 in. 
Blooms June'July and later. Plant 
10 to 12 inches apart. PRICES: 30c 
each; 2 for 55c; 3 for 79c; 4 for 
#1.00; 8 for #1.85. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 




Rose Campion 

(Lychnis viscaria flora plena) 

The double vermilioivred flow 
ers are so distinctive when in 
bloom that they attract attention 
from a great distance. One of the 
best garden flowers for show. Will 
arouse much comment. Also fine 
for cutting. Ultimate height 14 
inches. Blooms Juncjuly. Avoid 
acid soil. Likes sun and winter 
protection. PRICES: 30c each; 2 
for 55c; 4 for #1.00; 8 for #1.85. 

Goldenball and 

(Helian th em um) 

Two new double flowering varie' 
ties. Fireball, crimson-red; Golden- 
ball, golden yellow. Bloom all sum' 
mer, l'inch flowers, 8 inches high. 
Plant 12 to 15 inches apart. Blooms 
July to September; evergreen foil' 
age. PRICES: 30c each; 2 for 55c; 
4 for #1.00; 8 for #1.85. 

2 Fireball 

2 Golden- 

It's easy to find what you want. See index, pages 84 and 85. 

New Giant 
Chinese Lantern 

This is a new giant variety. Pods 
actually measure 6 to 9 inches 
around (2 to 3 inches across), and 
the strong, stiff stems grow 3 to 4 
feet high. The brilliant orange pods 
retain shape and color all winter. 
Easily grown in almost any soil. 
Blooms in June followed by large 
orange-red pods. Plant 12 inches 
apart. Best kept separate from other 
flowers. PRICES: Strong roots, 30c 
each; 2 for 55c; 4 for #1.00; 8 for 


Gaillardia, Goblin 

^fl Qjtf' 9 Growing 


This low growing Gaillardia is so new and unique 
that your friends are going to exclaim with delight when 
they see it in your garden. The plants grow only 12 to 
15 inches high and form broad bushes of close and com- 
pact habit. They become completely covered with beau- 
tiful two-colored Blanket Flowers in brilliant shades of 
red and golden yellow so that the foliage is entirely 
hidden. Useful in the low border or rockery. Blooms 
July to September. Plant them 12 inches apart, Give 
them some winter protection. Flowers are large — 2 to 
2Yl inches across. 

PRICES: 30c each; 2 for 55c; 4 for £1.00; 
8 for £1.85. 

One of those cunning little flowers that is a delight 
wherever grown. The whole plant is not over 8 to 12 
inches high and it is delightfully beautiful. Very quaint. 
Beautiful foliage and ivory-white flowers. Short spurred. 
Likes sun and good drainage. Plant about 12 inches 
apart. PRICES: 45c each; 2 for 75c; 3 for £1.00; 6 for 

This is the newest and prettiest 
of the Primroses. See the pretty 
shape of the flowers, which are a 
pretty rosy. pink. Leaves are large 
and wrinkled. Grows 10 inches 
high, thrives in sun. Blooms in 
June. Plant them 10 to 12 inches 
apart in light, well-drained soil. 
Mulch in winter. PRICES: 2-year- 
old plants, 25c each; 3 for 67c; 
5 for £1.00. 



Si/vet ynat 

(Gypsophila Repens Bodgeri) 

This new plant is ideal for borders and rock 
gardens. It comes into flower early in the spring 
and continues throughout the entire summer. 
The flowers are double; first, pure white, later 
flesh-pink. Flowers can be picked if so desired 
and wilt make wonderful little bouquets alone 
or they make up beautifully in combinations 
with other flowers. 

It is an everblooming perennial and will give 
continuous color. HARDY — will thrive in 
most any type of soil in semi-shade or full sun. 
Grows about 12 inches high and as it gets older, 
will spread to about 2 feet. Foliage, light green, 
leaves pointed. Does not lose its leaves until 
the beginning of real winter. 
PRICES: 40c each; 3 for £1.00; 6 for £1.85; 
12 for £3.45. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 



The old original Gypsophila was known as 
Baby's Breath. Gypsophila, Bristol Fairy, should 
be known as Fairy's Breath, for it is amazingly 
beautiful and at only a slight distance has a 
fairy mistiness of appearance that is almost un- 
believable. Examine Bristol Fairy closely and 
you will find that the flowers are well formed, 
double blossoms of the purest white. Not only 
is Gypsophila Bristol Fairy a beautiful flower 
but it blooms throughout the summer. Ultimate 
height 3 feet. Thrives in all soils. Hardy. Plant 
18 inches apart. Fine for bouquets. 

PRICES: Field-grown, 2-year plants, 45c 
each; 3 for #1.00; 6 for #1.75. 



A bit of the sky's heavenly blue for your garden. 
Each day brings forth new blooms. 18 to 24 in. high. 
May through August. Bluish foliage. Planting distance 
12 to 15 in. Best in dry, sunny location. HARDY. 
PRICES: 25c each; 3 for 65c; 6 for #1.00. 


Here is a real ever- 
blooming Gaillardia. Starts 
June and continues 
until frost — loads and 
loads of rich, golden yel- 
low flowers. 

Golden Goddess 

This is the prettiest of all Gaillardias and the longest 
blooming.. Plants grow about 24 inches high, making 
good, strong bushes which become completely covered 
with beautiful golden yellow flowers. Everblooming — 
see above. NEW! Will grow in acid soil. Likes sun. 
PRICES: Plants out of 2-inch pots, 50c each; 2 for 
85c; 3 for #1.20; 6 for #2.25. 

6 SPANISH <fci on 

This pretty white flowering perennial remains ever- 
green all winter. Blooms May-June. Myriads of white 
blossoms 9 to 12 inches tall. Planting distance 12 
inches. Field-grown plants. PRICES: 25c each; 3 for 
65c; 6 for #1.00. 

It's easy to find what you want. See index, pages 84 and 85. 



*2 Alpine 

Midget Rose 


Perfect little Roses about one inch across with dou- 
ble rows of pretty pink petals. Blooms all summer 
until frost. Only 8 to 10 inches high and 8 to 10 
inches across. Stands the coldest freezing weather. 
PRICES: 35c each; 3 for 89c; 6 for #1.65. 




One of the most persistent bloomers we ever 
saw. Lavender-blue flowers from 2 to 2J/2 
inches across. June to frost. Very rich display. 
Excellent for cutting. PRICES: 45c each; 2 for 
75c; 3 for #1.00; 6 for #1.85; 12 for #3.55, 

Double Russian 

X ~r* "I . (Viola odorata — picture at 

Y/ lOletS r fehO. Large, double, sweet 
scented flowers in early spring; 
long stems. Usually repeat with cool fall weather and 
often during mild spells in winter. Height 6 to 8 in. 
Fine for shade. Plant 8 inches apart. PRICES: 45c 
each; 2 for 75c; 3 for #1.00; 6 for #1.85. 

Littie Bo Peep Rose 

Little Bo Peep 
Miniature Rose 

Tiny, but how pretty and fragrant! Color delicate 
and delightful smooth pink. Very hardy. Exceedingly 
persistent bloomer to frost. Height 6 to 8 inches. 
Blooms June to frost. Likes rich, welhdrained soil 
with sun. Plant 10 inches apart. PRICES: 45c each; 
2 for 75c; 3 for #1.00; 6 for #1.85. 

Orange Prince 

Very delightful! Pretty, well shaped background 
petals of clear complexioned yellow with pretty 
rosette of blushing orange in the center. Deep fiery 
orange in the crevices shading to a lighter creamy 
orange at the edges. Grows 6 to 8 feet. Blooms June 
and July. Best in rich soil and full sunlight. Plant 18 
to 24 inches apart. Mulch in winter. PRICES: 30c 
each; 2 for 55c; 4 for #1.00; 8 for #1.85. 




This new hardy LARGE-FLOWERING variety is 
a wonderful bloomer from June until frost. Rich gar' 
net color, flowers gracefully placed, 12' to 18-inch 
stems, 6 to 12 spikes at a time. Very hardy. PRICES: 
65c each; 3 for #1.50; 6 for #2.50; 12 for #4.50. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 

Double Russian Violets (Description at left) 

Hollyhock, Orange Prince 

Description at left. 


on page 56 
at left. 


at left. 

Miniature (lade 

£iffle £a Peep 

at left. 





new. No 
picture can 
do it justice. 
You must 
see it to 
its rich, 

Amazing strides have 
been made with Bud- 
dleias lately and now we 
offer you the three most 
outstanding new creations 
— beautiful and rich in 
coloring! Don't miss these 
three amazing beauties 
with their huge, long, 
beautifully colored spikes 
of flowers. Many people 
will envy their beauty. 
Descriptions at right. 




We are going to have dif- 
ficulty in making you see the 
beauty of the amazing new 
Buddleias. The color camera 
could not do justice to them 
and we do not have words to 
describe them. You must try 
them in order to realise their 
striking, glowing beauty. Like 
all Buddleias they attract 
bevies of beautiful but' 
ter flies. Vigorous, easy 
to grow. 


(Propagation Rights Reserved) 

Brand new and most beautiful of them all. Color, 
rich glowing purple — the flowers really seem lighted 
from within — an effect that cannot be reproduced on 
paper. Bush completely covered with long beautiful 
spikes from August till frost; four to five 
feet high. Plant 4 feet apart in sun. 

PRICES: 75c each; 2 for #1.35; 4 for 
#2.45; 6 for #3.50. 

Beautiful 12' to 13-inch 
spikes of beautiful pink flow- 
ers. Hardy throughout the United States. 
Your friends will admire and envy its beauty. Pinch 
off flower spikes in July for best blooms in August 
and September. Grows 4 to 5 feet. Plant 4 feet apart 
in sun. Mulch in winter. 

PRICES: ?5p: each; 2 for #1.35; 4 for #2.45; 6 for 

Here is the beautiful Dubonnet shade in flowers. 
In sunshine it shows almost as red. Spikes solid, well 
rounded, large florets. Same height, bloom' 
ing season, and care as other Buddleias above. 

PRICES: 75c each; 2 for #1.35; 4 for 
#2.45; 6 for #3.50. 

6 for $3.70 

Two of each 




45c each 
2 for 75c 

,3 for $1 
6 for 



Buddleia He de 
France is really 
the variety that 
started Buddleias 
on the road to 
Just imagine rich 
purple spikes of 
flowers 12 inches 
' and more in length 
— a thrilling beauty 
— bush completely 
covered with them. 
Grows 4 to 5 feet 
high with a corre- 
sponding spread. 
Bushes are fragrant 
and attract bevies of 
beautiful butterflies. Vig- 
orous and easy to grow. 
Blooms from August to 
end of autumn. Best in 
full sun. Best if mulched 
jin winter. Plant 3 to 4 
feet apart. 

PRICES: 45c each; 
2 for 75c; 3 for #1.00j 
6 for #1.85. 

Pages 84 and 85. 


1 for #0.45 

2 for .79 
4 for 1.45 


Flowers produced in immense 
purplish-blue clusters. Blooms 
in May and June, and with these 
quick-blooming plants you can 
often have blooms one year from 
planting. One of the most beau- 
tiful and permanent of climbing 
vines. Planting distance, 8 to 10 
feet. Grows 15 to 20 feet high. 
PRICES: 45c each; 2 for 79c; 
4 for #1.45. 



A beautiful new climbing variety; 
Or can be pruned into a broad, 
spreading shrub. The two-lipped 
bloom is almost maroon-red on the 
outside, the inside then shading 
from light to deep golden yellow: 
delicate fragrance. Flowers in beau- 
tiful clusters. Hardy; evergreen in 
mild climates. Foliage luxuriant 
gray-green. Does well in sun or 
partial shade. Ordinary soil. 
PRICES: 12- to 18-in., 2-yr. plants, 
75c each; 2 for #1.35; 4 for #2.40; 
6 for #3.40. 

Two A/etu Toy 

Flowers so pretty and unusual that 
we know you are going to love them. 
Plant near a fence or let them ramble at 
will over a stone wall; or pretty scram- 
bling willy-nilly over some early bloom- 
ing shrub. Like sweet soil but otherwise 
have little preference. 



Two of Each — 

Value #2.70 

CLEMATIS CRISPA. The flowers have 
a dainty bell shape and a glistening steel- 
blue color that will delight you. Blooms 
from July to September. Climbs to about 
8 feet. PRICES: 75c each; 2 for 
#1.35; 3 for #1.85; 6 for #3.35. 

curious urn-shaped flowers. They 
are reddish-rose in color softened 
on the inner side with buff and 
pinkish-buff tones. Herbaceous in 
the north, i. e., sends up new growth 
each year. Really worth while. 
PRICES: 75c each; 2 for #1.35; 3 
for #1.85; 6 for #3.35. 





These beautiful large flowering 
Clematis are very rare, hence they 
will attract attention anywhere. 
Large 4 to 6 inch flowers, richly 
colored, long blooming. Fine 
climbers. Like sun, good drainage. 
Varieties as follows: 
RAMONA. Attractive lavender- 
blue beautifully set off by darker 
anthers. Short pointed buds, 
rounded petals. Vigorous grow- 
er. Blooms throughout summer. 
PRICES: 85c each; 2 for #1.60; 
3 for #2.35; 6 for #4.60. 
Beautiful large many-petalled 
creamy-white gardenia type, 
pretty yellow stamens. Fine pil- 
lar variety. Blooms on two-year- 
old wood (remove dead wood 
in late February and March). 
PRICES: 85c each; 2 for #1.60; 
3 for #2.35; 6 for #4.60. 
JACKMANI. Large velvety vio- 
let-purple flowers. Rapid, vigor- 
ous grower, often 10 feet high. 
Blooms heavily all summer till 
frost. Beauty improved by cut- 
ting back plants to 3 feet each 
season. PRICES: 85c each; 2 
for #1.60; 3 for #2.35; 6 for 
Vigorous blooming, beautiful 
purplish-red. Somewhat lower 
than some of the others (7 
feet). PRICES: 85c each; 2 for 
#1.60; 3 for #2.35; 6 for #4.60. 
DULATA. Delightful shell- 
pink flowers similar to beautiful 
anemone blossoms, pretty little, 
flossy yellow centers, and how 
they do pile on top of one an- 
other! Beautiful waxy green 
foliage, dark and healthy. Grows 
10 to 12 feet high. Very hardy. 
Needs some sunshine. PRICES: 
85c each; 2 for. #1.60; 3 for 
#2.35; 6 for #4.60. 


Clematis Paniculata 

(Sweet Autumn Clematis) 
Not large flowering but a 
very graceful climber with 
myriads of tiny white blooms 
of rare and delightful fra- 
grance, even at a distance in 
September. Plant 8 feet apart. 
PRICES: 45c each; 2 for 
79c; 4 for #1.45. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 


See the descriptions of these beautiful 
large-flowering Clematis at the left. They 
are amazingly beautiful — long, generous 
bloomers. This special gives you one each 
of the five varieties as follows: 

® 1 Ramona #0.85 

(2) 1 Duchess of Edinburgh. .85 

® 1 Jackmani 85 

(D 1 Mme. Edouard Andre. .85 
<D 1 Montana Undulata ... .85 



Total Value. #4.25 






2 ; 



(Celastrus scandens) 
There is nothing 
finer than Bitter' 
sweet for winter 
bouquets. Bitter' 
sweet gives you 
wonderful coloring 
— orange - crimson 
fruit and you do 
not have to roam 
the countryside to 
get it. You can 
grow your own in 
most any nook or 
corner on any sup- 
port. Beautiful or- 
ange-red flowers in 
mid'summer. Ulti- 
mate height 20 feet 
or more. Can prune 
as desired. Very 

hardy. Should be planted in pairs or more to insure 
fruiting. Plant 8 to 10 feet apart. Grows well in shade. 
PRICES; 49c each; 2 for 85c; 4 for #1.65; 12 for #4.45. 

pelopsis quinqitefolia). Clings to walls or any sup- 
port. Dense, green foliage turns bronzy red in 
autumn. Very hardy: very beautiful. Plant 8 to 
10 ft. apart. PRICES: 40c each; 3 for #1.00; 

Hall's Japan Honeysuckle 


opsis tricuspidata). This 
beautiful vine clings ten- 
aciously to any surface. 
Its large leaves com' 
pletely cover any sur' 
face desired. Plant 8 to 
10 feet apart. PRICES: 
50c each; 2 for 95c. 
(Lonicera sempervirens) . 
Vigorous climber, near- 
ly evergreen. Flower 
trumpets brilliant scar- 
let-red. Plant 8 to 10 
ft. apart. Blooms June 
Sept. PRICES: 40c ea.; 
2 for 72c; 4 for #1.35. 

Turn to Pages 2 and 3. 



SWEET ( E uon y in u s 
radicans vegetus). 
Sturdy vine with large, 
shiny green leaves and 
showy orange fruit. 
Climbs any surface with' 
out support. An excel' 
lent ground cover. Plant 

5 feet apart as a climb- 
er, 2J/2 feet as a ground 
cover. PRICES: 87c 
each; 2 for #1.65; 4 for 

(Lonicera japonica Hall- 
iana). Strong growing; 
nearly evergreen. Masses 
of highly fragrant 
white blooms which 
turn to yellow. Blooms 
June-September. Plant 

6 to 8 feet apart. 
PRICES: 40c each; 2 
for 72c; 4 for #1.35. 

■ ■*■• 

O Silver 




Silver Lace Vine 
T apo Vino is mdeed the "gkt 

j^ace v me - name for this beau , 

(Polygonum auberti) tiful plant, for it is 

completely covered all summer and fall with myriads of snowy 
white flowers. Fast grower. Beautiful for pergola, fence or 
unsightly objects; often grows 20 feet in one season. Planting 
distance 8 to 10 feet. Full sun. Protect roots in winter, Supply 
is decidedly limited, so order at once. PRICES: Field-grown 
plants, 45c each; 2 for 75c; 3 for #1.00; 6 for #1.85. 



R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 

Any rock garden enthusiast will be delighted with this 
fine value. Just imagine, you get 20 choice plants, all dif- 
ferent, all fine varieties, and all the finest quality. We 
refrain from naming these plants because we want to 
give you the biggest surprise you ever had. Guaranteed 
to please. All plants neatly packed and guaranteed to 
reach you in good growing condition or order refilled 
free. 20 Surprise Rockery Plants, $1*89; 40 Surprise Rock- 
ery Plants, $3.57; 60 Surprise Rockery Plants, $5*25. 

R- M* Kellogg Co., %JJ^ 


You can grow just as beautiful flowers by color as you can grow by variety and usually 
at much lower cost for the plants. This is so because we can keep our stock balanced much 
better when we are allowed to choose the varieties. We send you the most suitable variety 
available for the color selected. You get the same high grade plants or bulbs as if you 
yourself had selected varieties. Order the following flowers by color. 


Colors you 
may select ate 
as follows: 

Dark Pu*P l f p 
Light Purple 

50 { ° r 2 50 
l0 ° rt W 4^00 

V-nUe b, S's 
ing . sl * e , 



B V Color 


U/ ~<r-_ 

5 for £1.00 

5°-* -^0.25 

3 for 


* or £1.00 

F ' e ' d -^n pint '■« 

usually fine ran f 

colors In " Mums ,t 
Choose f rom the foj , 

W fe "e Vell 0w 

I Bronze Orchid 
P,nk Red 

*> eautl * wd b fn a septate 
be P* C V a i as to color. 
sacklf ele ^ m ^hich 
Colors f t0I rh00 sc: 

Pink y^ x % ' 


These beauti' 
ful flowers give 
you all the joys of 
hothouse Carna' 
tions right in your 
own garden Grow . h rt Bloom 

12 to 18 inches tal vf^j^g co lors available: 
during June and ^uly. Foto^g 

Rcd „ , \ j fl^U orown Carnations by 




by Color 

Only the most 

^trful colors 

, Iecte d in our 
from these tl^T^^^^HT h""* 1 * and ^e 
ros ™ (S J hlS » -omething new V Plated 

now ^aiifi^ 

PRICES ! fe. bellow " f °fe»g «»Io„: 


Tot- J T^T * 


These rose* 

like, double 


scarcely look 

real, they are ■ 

so pretty. A 

won derful 


■ J plant. Hardy, 

[ 'easily grown, 

select an^of the W c ^ . 

PRICES, Fje ld . gr „tr Dou £"% ol . 


■ the first time 

This is 
we have 

offered these 
by color. 

as follows: 
Red Yellow 

pink Variegated 

PRICES: Cannas by color 

Beautiful Everblooming Violas by Color 

Everblooming — similar to Pansies but more dainty and refined 
and hardy. Beautiful as low everblooming border. You may select 
the following colors. Apricot Blue Yellow Red 

PRICES: Field-grown by color, 20c each; 4 for 75c; 8 for 
#1.39; 12 for #1.75. 

f\ Man*, 



(Propagation Rights 

This new plant is so far su' 
perior to most others used in 
the hardy border that we pre' 
diet an amazing future for it. 
Hardy Fuchsia Scarlet Beauty 
blooms during the dry sum' 
mer months when other flow- 
ers are scarce — it fills in from 
July to early fall with hun- 
dreds of beautiful drooping 
scarlet flowers, often about 
500 flowers and buds at a time 
per plant. The foliage is ex- 
ceedingly beautiful, too, hav- 
ing a glossy, holly-green beauty from spring until after frosts. 
Not straggly but very beautifully shaped. Can be trimmed in 
heights of 15 inches to 3 feet. Fuchsia Scarlet Beauty is the sur- 
prise plant of 1940 and we hope every Kellogg customer will 
order at least one. 

Established plants start blooming about July 1st and continue 
all summer. Grow about 2 feet high first year and reach max- 
imum height (3 feet) third year. Thrive in neutral or just 
slightly acid soil. Like water but are nevertheless EXCEED- 
INGLY DROUGHT RESISTANT when established. Tops 
die down during the winter like Buddleias but quickly regain 

height with 
the opening 
of spring. 
Foliage main- 
tains bright 
glossy green 
color until 
after frost. 





65c each 
3 for £1.50 






Many people are still amazed to 
find that the shrubs shown on 
these two pages can be grown in 
the North, but they can. They 
are all new hardy varieties of ex- 
ceeding beauty and charm. You 
must have them in your plantings. 


Rhododendron Catawbiense is 
a hardy variety that will live 
through the winter in the northern 
states. It blooms during May and 
June with bright red-purple flow- 
ers. There is some variation in 
the color, however, giving a beau- 
tiful effect. Grows from 6 to 15 
feet high, depending on location. 
Likes shady location and acid soil. 
Needs ample moisture. Plant 4 to 
6 feet apart. Size of plant fur- 
nished 8 to 10 inches. PRICES: 
85c each; 2 for #1.50; 4 for $2.75. 




(Garland Flower). There are 
very few flowers to delight you as 
Hardy Daphne Cneorum will do. 
Not only for its beauty, but also 
for the amazingly delightful odor 
and beautiful foliage that is ever- 
green all winter. Blooms May 
when it is just one big, gorgeous 
mass of pink delight, and at inter* 
vals throughout the summer. 
Grows 15 to 18 inches high. 
Hardy. Likes sun. Plant 2'/2 to 
3 feet apart. PRICES: 8- to 10- 
in. plants, wrapped in peat, 75c 
^each; 2 for #1.39; 4 for #2.35. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 


for #0.75 
for 1.39 
for 2.35 
for 3.50 
Ball of Peat 
on roots 

(Azalea Mollis a ^% Qtr 
or Jap. Azalea) V-jX* CfCs 

This hardy variety of Azalea will add 
unusualness to your planting and will 
be a continual delight. Low growing, 
beautifully shaped, fine foliage. Burnt 
orange, yellow, pink, red, or salmon' 
colored flowers in May and June — 
hybrids — we cannot allow a choice of 
color. Like sun or shade. Ultimate 
height about 4 feet. Plant 2^ to 3 
feet apart. Prices at left. 

This picture shows Jap. 
Azalea in full bloom. A 
beautiful sight in late May 
or early June. 


Rhododendron Catawbiense — 4 for #2.75 
Description at left. 

tion at 

Ieft) dfe d 






1 for 50c 

2 for 85c 


No early flowering shrub compares with 
Flowering Almond for beauty of bloom. 
No shrub is more hardy or more easily cul- 
tivated. No shrub has retained its popular- 
ity for so long a time. In May, Flowering 
Almond is completely covered with double 
pink blooms — truly a glorious sight. Ulti- 
mate height 4 to 5 feet. Likes full sun. 
Grows in any good soil. HARDY. Plant 
V/i to 4 feet apart. Prices above, 


The 7 Lilies pictured here have been proven by actual 
demand to be the most popular in the United States today. 
All Kellogg's Lily bulbs are the best size for the particular 
variety. All will bloom the first year. 



Gorgeous creamy white petals with maroon mark- 
ings and rich gold band. Blooms July and August. 
Grows 2 to 3 feet high. Plant 12 to 14 inches apart, 
8 inches deep. Grows in sun or partial shade. 

Prices: 30c each; 3 for 87c; 6 for $1.59; 12 for 



if you order two 
collections at 
$3.38 for the 
two. See, picture 
and description 
of Green 
Throated Lily 
on page 70. 

The Key to a 
Beautiful Garden 

gives excellent 
instructions for 
growing Lilies. 
You should have 
a copy. See the 
pink page in the 
front of the 

Send us only $1.69 
and we will send you 
one each of the 7 beau' 
tiful Lilies shown here, 
total value $2.10. Two 
collections $3.38 with 2 Greeiv 
Throated Lilies FREE. See offer 
at left. 





Note the rosy white flowers with beauti' 
ful crimson spots and shadings. Blooms in 
August. Grows 2 to 3 feet high. Grows in 
sun or partial shade. Plant 10 to 12 inches 
apart, 6 to 8 inches deep. Prices: 30c each; 
3 for 87c; 6 for $1.59; 12 for $2.79. 


A beautiful Lily of deep apricot 
as shown. Blooms August and Sep- 
tember. Grows 3 to 8 feet high. 
Plant 10 to 12 inches apart, 6 to 8 
inches deep. Grows in sun or partial 
shade. Prices: 40c each; 3 for 99c; 

for $1.89; 12 for $3.59. 

$1 JLili&b 

Don't forget you get two Greeiv 
Throated Lilies free if you order 
two collections at a total cost of 
S3. 38. See Green-Throated Lily on 
page 70 (next page). 


Pure white, green bands 
across petals. Blooms August. 
2 to 3 ft. high, sun or partial 
shade; plant 10 to 12 inches 
apart, 6 to 8 inches deep. 
Prices: 30c each; 3 for 87c; 
6 for #1.59; 12 for #2.79. 


(Lihum tenui folium). A beautiful 
miniature Lily; one of the prettiest. 
Grows 18 to 24 inches high, with 
coral-red flowers in June. Does es' 
pecially well planted with other 
flowers. Plant 8 inches apart, 3 to 5 
inches deep; mulch in winter. Prices: 
30c each; 3 for 87c; 6 for #1.59; 
12 for #2.79. 


Hardy! Snow-white with gilded 
throat; veins of crimson on outside. 
Have as many as 22 mature blooms 
on one flower head. Blooms June to 
July. 3 to 5 feet tall. Plant 10 to 12 
inches apart, 6 to 8 inches deep. 
Prices: 20c each; 3 for 45c; 6 for 
69c; 12 for #1.19; 25 for #2.17. 

Mammoth Size 

Large, beautiful trumpets, 7 
inches long, 5 to 6J/2 inches 
across! Green * Throated Lily 
gives you a tremendous lot of 
beauty for your money. 


(Philippinense formosanum) 

This is the beautiful Lily that 
amazed the flower world with the 
rare beauty of its apple-green 
throat only a few short years ago. 
This is one of the rarest shades 
to be found in the blooms of 
flowers and every lover of the un- 
usual should have Green-Throated 

Outside they are purest white 
or purest white with streaks of 
maroon; inside they are purest 
white which shades into the now 
famous apple-green throat. Please 
send your order early for Green- 
Throated Lilies as the supply is 
still limited and the demand 
grows larger every year. 


VtiM MVM Everbloomingl 


We went clear to Japan to get our 
start with these new Green-Throated 
Lily bulbs. We searched the world for 
strong, blooming size bulbs that could 
be relied upon to grow vigorously. The 
bulbs we furnish are tested and proven 
bloomers that will bloom the first season. 

And don't forget that Green-Throated Lilies are 
everblooming. They make a new record in length 
of blooming season for Lilies. Starting in August 
they bloom heavily until stopped by heavy frosts. 
Often they continue until November 1st or later. 


Old Fashioned 

Many of you can remember the quaint gardens 
of by-gone days. Wouldn't you like an old-fashioned 
garden of your own? Here they are — all your old 
favorites waiting to be welcomed to your garden. 

AQUILEGIA (Columbine). Red, pink, blue, pur- 
ple, white, and yellow — all these colors come in 
these long-spurred Scott Elliott Hybrids. Bloom 
May to July. Grow 2 1 /* to 3 feet high. Hardy. 
Plants are hybrids and we cannot guarantee 
colors. Plant 12 in. apart. PRICES: 20c 
each; 3 for 50c; 6 for 87c; 12 for #1.65. 

COREOPSIS. Pure yellow flowers that seem to dance in the 
sun like a hundred brilliant Punchinellos. Bloom June to 
frost. Grow 2 to 3 feet high. 18-inch spread. Very 
hardy. Mulch in winter. Planting distance, 
15 inches. PRICES: Field-grown, 20c each; 
3 for 50c; 6 for 87c; 12 for #1,65. 

HARDY MARGUERITE (Anthemis tine 
toria) . Pretty lemon-yellow, daisy- 
like flowers. Pernlikc foliage. Blooms 
June to September. Grow 2 to 3 
feet high. Planting distance, IS to 18 
inches. Best in sun. Hardy, Field' 
grown. PRICES: 20c each; 3 for 50c; 
6 for 87c; 12 for #1.65. 

GAILLARDIA. New Dazsler variety. Brilliant 
orange-yellow red-centered flowers, June to frost. 
Grows 2 feet high. Plant 15 to 18 inches apart. 
PRICES: 20c each; 3 for 50c; 6 for 87c; 12 for 

#1.65. Field-grown. 

PERSIAN DAISIES (Painted Daisies; Pyrethrum). Se 
lect hybrids in many colors from red to light pink 
and white — bright, gay, youthful colors. Grow 
2 to 3 feet high. Bloom May and June. Mixed 
colors only. Planting distance, 10 to 12 
inches. Field-grown. PRICES: 20c each; 
3 for 50c; 6 for 87c; 12 for #1.65. 

GARDEN PINK (Dianthus plumar 
ius). Blooms nearly all sum- 
mer, 15 to 18 inches high. 
Fragrant. Colors pink, 
white, red, and mixed colors 
only. Plant 12 to 18 in. apart. 
Field-grown. PRICES: 20c 
each; 3 for 50c; 6 for 87c; 
12 for #1.65. 

SWEET WILLIAM (Dianthus bar* 

batus). Blooms June- July. Grows 12 

to 18 inches high. Plant 10 to 12 inches 

apart. Field-grown. Two choice varieties: 

Scarlet Beauty and Newport Pink. State choice. 

PRICES: 20c each; 3 for 50c; 6 for 87c; 12 for 


1. — Aquilegia 

2. — Coreopsis 

3. — Hardy Marguerite 

4. — Gaillardia 

5. — Persian Daisies 

6. — Garden Pink 

7. — Sweet William 

f. Hardy 



We send you a tf» 
hieh grade assoit- <4> 
mint, each one a 
different variety, 
wide color ^nge^ 

only $1- u ^ nes _ pompons, 
riety of TO* Ek&ng, 
b ^T Otd t early. The 

55* m-** 12 


gJVe Vu a vS„ b i U / a <?d white 

^oTer a ^ ngthe fall perenn . r 




<D Uem« spectabilis) 


Here are some of Kellogg's most popular flow- 
ers — big values for your #1.00, Don't overlook 
these if you want your money's worth. 





^^^_/™** 6 for flj P'ai.^ 4 0c 


Dwarf Border Asters 

Similar to Azaleamums in growth and 
bloom — 'nuffsaid! Much cheaper, too. Bloom 
August to frost. We send you an assortment 
of four varieties, our choice. Hundreds and 
hundreds of blossoms on each plant. Shades 
of blue and pink. 8 for #1.85. 






6 for $1 

«^rdy eas,Iy grown ; 
P^red lL ° r i mentof 

7 Sky Blue 



A pretty blue 
daisylike Aster 
with golden yellow 
center. One of the 
prettiest little flow 
ers you can imagine. 
Grows only 8 to 10 
inches high. Makes 
a beautiful border. Fine for beds or rockery. Fine, 


A fine mixture of 
, Scott Elliott Hy 
brids in shades of 
, red, pink, blue, 
' purple, white and 
I yellow. Grow 3 
[feet high. Hybrids, 
I we cannot guaran 
tee colors. 
14 for 
Blooms May 
and June 
Hardy. Plant 12 to 15 
inches apart. Like* 
shade or partial shade. 
Mixed colors only. 

6 • • 00.69 /™ 


Ail of these bargains ^^™^^HB^^^^^^ 

are worth more than the price asked. Many 
are a $1.50 and $2.00 or more value. Send your order early. 

5 G W Plant 

Plants of bnS r ° U , nd fo ' Wer 

to * 8 inches apart PD?,L PJant ^ 
f°^ plants P ?F R1CE S: Field. 
$1.00. S > 3 for 67c; 5 for 





(Ph lox sabdata) 
These wake a 

SS^ F ?- U 1 Be Like sun. 

6 £ ar P?thian 

7 Harebell *J 

1 M» flowed ' Tf, Prett, " est 
■ "ffid little ? , Inty °n 

* ree " foil Justi r* 

border or ^ ftr 
•fane to Ortnkl r», ioo/ n 

£«*- £T er o Pl r w 

shade. Porrpc ' 5: in 
6 f <* «!3P ° r 55c > 




■ rire color 
an d so V°^ t bit of 

aZUr£ ' 1 5 to 24 inches 
Grow 1» r " ~ inc hcs. 

Mf b -m P continuously, 
r~!.A„ easy to 

Here are some of Kellogg's most popular flow- 
ers — big values for your $1.00. Don't overlook 
these if you want your money's worth. 

ft Bluebell* 
^ o{ Scotia 


Tot undilolia) 

Clear blue 
f [°wer s 0n 

****. Very 

jP, ret ty. They 

Jft°* June J 
August, £ a 

f° ^ow. Pl ant y , 

-^ ? n g Stance 1 2 

o Shasta 
8 Dalies 

7 ...iliem" 


, ( Jrvs«.''' c " , , um 

surclI ¥L ior boo' 

24 ***f inches 
plant V 

24 g**f inches ; ^gust. H« 
»**^ ****** ^ — 

5 Red Hot 


(Tritoma Pfitzeri) 

Just like real live 
fire — indeed like a red 
hot poker. 3 to 4 feet 
high. Bloom August to 
October when fiery 
color is needed. Plant 
12 in. apart. PRICES: 
Field-grown plants, 3 
for 67c; 5 for #1.00. 



Our Finest 


fif- 8 '' 


7a de roots. 




All fine, large, mam' 


Iv £ 

Bloom aft 
"umber f « u ™mer if a 
p,anf ed. $ w vanet/e 8 are a 
j*ar daily pt, b, ° s som s a 

f MVa fr„ 

wftBiso t °" Lihy 

«ft*gsj — 

'•^ £1.25. 

g Foxgloves 

(Digital M* ^ 

GloVE ,° f stems taU, strong 
luXUr TsWrleV Hybrids ytb 
ver ucal bnirl ^L. ^ ite , shell- 
wide color range «h ^ ^ 

pink, deep P^f ' r °Sor. Grow 
Sannot gua ran tee o olc*. g 

J ? \\oom^lVon]uly. 
#1.00; 16 for #1» 






ox /#fe 


The beau- 
tiful ^f { 
flowers. 1 u ; October wst. 


(Papaver nudicaule) 

They nod their heads so prettily in the 
breeze! May to August. Pink, yellow, orange 
and white. Grow 10 to 12 inches high. Plant' 
ing distance 8 to 10 inches. Mixed colors only. 
Dainty fernlike foliage. PRICES: 2 for 55c; 
4 for #1.00; 8 for #1.85. 


Ama - No - Gawa 

Flowering Cherry 

French Lilacs 




% i 


Note the tall upright 
shape. An amazing 
sight in bloom when 
planted along drives or 
wherever screening is 
desired. Fine also in 
pairs. Loaded in May 
with beautiful light 
pink flowers. PRICES: 

3 to 4 ft. trees, 2-yr., 
#1.85 each; 2 for #3.35; 

4 for #6.35. 


Massive bou' 
quets of loveli' 
ness in May. 
Leaves appear 
very early in 
spring before 
common trees. 
Flowers are 

large, pure white and fragrant in massdike clusters. 
May be trimmed for a street or lawn shade tree or 
left in bush form. Grows rapidly. Perfectly hardy. 
Ultimate .height 2? feet; plant 20 feet apart. PRICES: 
85r each; 2 for #1.59; 4 for #3.07; 2 to 3 ft. plants. 

BLUE GARDENIA. See pages 2 and 3. 

Grow 8 to 10 feet high. Plant 5 to 8 feet apart. 
Bloom in May. Hardy. Four beautiful colors, your 
choice, red, pink, white 
or blue. PRICES: 18 to 
24-inch, 3-year, unusu- 
ally fine stock, 75c 
each; 2 for #1.35; 4 for 
#2.50; 6 for #3.59. 


Daintier, prettier, longer 
lasting than French Li- 
lacs. Grow 8 to 10 feet 
high. Lavender-pink flow- 
ers in May. Plant 5 feet 
apart. PRICES: 60c each; 
2 for #1.10; 4 for #1.95. 


Beautiful red flowers in 
April and May before 
leaves appear. Ultimate 
height 20 feet. Plant 10 
to 12 feet apart. Like 
shade. Hardy. PRICES: 
18 to 24 inches, not 
balled and burlapped, 
#1.50 each; 2 for #2.75; 4 
for #5.25. 

. Dogwood— 


(Cornus florida). White flowers, April and May. Grows to 20 
feet. Plant 10 to 12 feet apart. PRICES: 1% to 2 ft. plants, 65c each; 
2 for 95c; 4 for #1.79. 

R. M. Kellogg Company,. Three Rivers, Mich. 



Bronze Glory 


(Hibiscus syriacus). Rose of 
Sharon is a beautiful, long' 
blooming shrub, just loaded 
with blooms during August 
and September. Can be grown 
as a tree or shrub, whichever 
you prefer. If you wish a tree, 
select the strongest and most 
upright branch and prune off 
everything that sprouts below 
where you want the branches 
to form from then on. Prun- 
ing should be done early 
spring. Can be used as a fine 
hedge. Ultimate height 12 to 
15 feet. Mulch in winter. 
Prune severely each spring. 
Plant 4 to 5 feet apart. Red, 
pink, or white; state color. 
PRICES: 1U to 2 ft., 45c 
each; 2 for 75c; 3 for #1.00. 

Flowering Cherry 

Paul's Double Scarlet Thorn 

BECHTEL'S CRAB (Mains ioensis plena). Tree has a beautiful shape with 
large lustrous green leaves, silvery beneath. Immense, double pink flow' 
ersin May. Grows 12 to 15 feet high. Planting distance 6 to 8 feet. Does 
not produce fruit. Needs spraying same as apple. PRICES: 2 to 3 ft. 
trees, #1.35 each; 2 for #2.45; 4 for #4.50. 

BRONZE GLORY (Primus cistena). A glorious tree, especially against 
the setting sun. Leaves brilliant carmine in early spring; change to deep 
maroon in summer with a bronzy metallic sheen. Truly magnificent! 
Beauty lasts all spring and summer. Beautiful pink flowers in May. 
Grows 15 to 18 feet high. Plant 5 to 6 feet apart. PRICES: 2 to 3 ft. 
trees, 98c each; 2 for #1.85; 4 for #3.55. 

CORAL DOGWOOD (Cornus sibirica). Everyone loves the beautiful 
Dogwood blossoms which appear in the early spring. Blossoms of Coral 
Dogwood are white. The bark is a pretty coral'red which gives a charm' 
ing effect in winter. Pretty berries, too. Grows 8 feet tall. PRICES: 
2 to 3 ft., 2-year plants, 40c each; 2 for 70c; 3 for #1.00; 4 for #1.25; 
6 for #1.65. 

asus). Magnificent flowering trees growing to a 
medium height. Flowers are double 
and pink, occurring in the early spring. 
Nothing could be more beautiful than 
a flowering Cherry in full bloom. Be 
sure to plant at least one. PRICES: 2 
to 3 ft., #1.35 each; 2 for #2.60; 4 
for #5.00. 
rubra plena). This is a beautiful red' 
flowering variety. Stems literally 
loaded with beautiful double blooms 
in May. Fine for cutting. Ultimate 
height 15 to 20 ft. Plant 10 to 12 ft. 
apart. PRICES: 2 to 3 ft., sturdy trees, 
60c each; 2 for #1.10; 4 for #2.00. Althea, Rose of Sharon 

REDBUD or JUDAS TREE (Cercis canadensis). This is the 
beautiful tree that blooms with such myriads of small, reddish 
purple blooms early in the spring before leaves appear. Grows 
not over 20 to 30 ft. high. Heart'shaped leaves. Plant 15 to 20 
ft. apart. PRICES: 2 to 3 ft., 50c each; 2 for 85c; 4 for #1.65. 

PAUL'S DOUBLE SCARLET THORN (Crataegus oxyacantha 
splendens). This beautiful ornamental is just loaded with beau' 
tiful double, brilliant scarlet blooms during May, followed by 
small, showy fruit later on. Grows 15 feet high. Plant 8 to 10 
feet apart. PRICES: 4 to 5 ft. trees, #1.75 each; 2 for #3.25. 

It's easy to find what you want. See index, pages 84 and 85. 



European Cranberry 


1 for £0.45 

3 for 1.00 

6 for 1.85 
(Calycanthus floridus) 
This dainty shrub has 
shiny green leaves and 
unique, very aromatic, 
chocolate-brown flowers, 
which appear in May 
and June. It is noted for 
the sweet fragrance of 
its flowers. Very beauti' 
ful throughout. Grows 6 
to 8 feet high. Plants 
furnished V/i to 2 feet. 

2 European 

(Viburnum QO 

opulus) Z'OC* 
Magnificent spread' 
ing bush with white 
flowers followed by 
showy scarlet fruit. 
Grows 1042 ft. high. 
Blooms May. and June. 
Plant 5 to 6 feet apart. 
PRICES: .15- to 18- 
inch plants, 55c each; 
2 for 98c; 4 for $1.77. 

^ Mock 

Orange 0^7C 

(Also known as Virginal Mock Orange and Phili- 
delphus Virginal). Grows 8 to 10 feet high and pro- 
duces clusters of fragrant, double flowers like those 
above in June and later. Also blooms intermittently 
until fall. Size, 2 to 3 feet. PRICES: 50c each; 2 for 
89c; 4 for #1.57. 

ndtzia am abilis ). G reat 
masses of delicate pink, 
fragrant flowers, May 
and June, gracefully 
drooping branches. 
Grows 5 to 8 feet high. 
PRICES: 1H to 2 ft. 
plants, 55c each; 3 for 
$1.38; 6 f or $2.20. 

GOLDEN BELL (Forsythia 
spectabilis). Beautiful yel- 
low blossoms early in the 
spring before foliage ap- 
pears — a beautiful sight. 
Grows 8 to 10 feet tall. 
Very hardy. PRICES: 
Strong, 2-year, 2 to 3 ft. 
plants, 40c each; 2 for 
70c; 3 for $1.00. 

New Buddleia, Royal 
Purple, see page 58. 


(Sambucus nigra au- 
rea). Magnificent 
golden foliage; huge 
flower heads of pure 
white; purple fruit. 
Grows 8 to 10 feet 
high. Blooms in June. 
Very hardy. Planting 
distance 5 to 7 feet. 
Size, 2 to 3 feet. 
PRICES: 69c each; 2 
for $1.25; 4 for $2.25. 



(Dier villa). The 
most beautiful of 
all the Weigelas. 
Blossoms are a 
bright pink and 
appear in great 
abundance in June. 
Strong, rapid 
grower; ultimately 
reaches height of 8 
to 10 feet. Very 
handsome in bor' 
der, background or 
hedge. Plant 4 to 
5 feet apart. Plants 
furnished, 1*2 to 2 
feet. PRICES: 40c 
each; 2 for 70c; 3 
for $1.00. 

Weigela Rosea 

RED WEIGELA (Weigela, Eva Rathke). Graceful, 
drooping branches covered with rich green foli' 
age and from June until autumn fine sprays of 
crimson flowers. And it's red! A very fine shrub 
in group plantings or in your lawn. Grows ap- 
proximately 5 feet tall. For hedges plant them 
4 feet apart. Size of plants furnished, \}o to 2 
feet. PRICES: 50c each; 3 for $1.25; 6 for $2.00. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 

How to Order 

Please use order blank. 
have the plants reserved. 
Early orders have prefer- 
ence at shipping time. 
PAYMENT in full should 
accompany all orders of 
$5.00 or less. With larger 
orders you may send one- 
third with order, balance 
when you want shipment. 
No. C. O. D. 

TIME ♦ • ♦ 

Best to leave shipping 
time to us and we will 
ship at planting time, but 
you may check the ap- 
proximate time you want 
plants shipped, at rignt, 
and we will try to ship be- 
tween the dates indicated. 
Check REGULAR if 
you want us to use our 
own judgment. 



R. M. Kellogg Co. 

Three Rivers, Mich. 

Cash $ 

St. $ 

Ck. $ 
M.O, $ 

Ship to 


of extra charge 
with a $5 cash 
order . . . see pink 
page in front of 


Town - State 


Office -... - Distance. Miles 


□ Mar. 15 to 31 
D Apr. 1 to 15 

□ Apr. 16 to 30 

□ May 1 to 10 

□ After May 10 



Name of Shrub, Plant, Bulb or Flower 




If necessary, continue order on other side. 


Name of Shrub, Plant, Bulb, or Flowtr 



Amount Brought Forward 


' ' 



postal, express or bank 
money order, or registered 
letter. Unregistered cur- 
rency sent at your risk. 
Add five cents for ex- 
change on personal 

A FAMILY should pref- 
erably order under one 

SHIPMENT of most 
smaller orders, parcel post. 
Large orders usually by 

TIONS free with each 


changes not permissible 
during shipping season. 
Plants not returnable 
for credit. 

ALL PRICES in this 
book expire June 30, 1940. 


You are to pay shipping 
charges. On express ship- 
ments you pay express 
company upon delivery; 
on parcel post shipments 
you remit postage to us 
after shipment is com- 

You will have a 
garden that your 
neighbors and 
friends will envy 

If you use The Key to a Beau- 
tiful Garden as your guide. See 
the pink page in the front of 
the book for complete informa- 
tion. Price only 45c postpaid. 
You should also have Charming 
Gardens and How to Plan Them, 
and Pools and Rock Gardens, 
both by Romaine B. Ware. All 
three for only 85c postpaid. 


SMOKE TREE (Rhus cotinus). Just like a big, beautiful puff of 
purple smoke. Grows 8 to 10 feet high; can be trained to tree 
form or shrub as desired. Glossy green leaves; smoky colored 
panicles of feathery flowers, June to September. Planting dis- 
tance 5 feet. Plant full sun for best blooming. Attracts much 
favorable attention. PRICES: Size iMi- to 2-ft., 75c each; 2 for 
$(1.39; 4 for #2.50. 


Tamarix "Summer 

(Tamarix hispida aestivalis rubrr.K 
Blooms when flowers are most needed 
with a great profusion of color — delight' 
ful little wine-red flowers lining the stem*, 
giving a delightful misty effect at a dis- 
tance. Blooms during the summer. The 
graceful gray-green foliage contrasts beau- 
tifully with the flowers. Both flowers and 
foliage are excellent for cut-flower wort. 
We urge you to try this new variety. 
PRICES: £1.00 each; 6 for £5.00. 

villosa). Beautiful shrub grow 
ing 8 to 12 feet high. Shiny green 
foliage turning to red in fall. 
Flowers are white. Blooms in 
June. Also highly prized for its 
brilliant red berries which are cut 
in early winter for bouquets. Pho- 
tinia berries are highly profitable 
as they can be sold for winter 
bouquets. PRICES: l%- to 2-ft. 
stock, 85c each; 2 for #1.59; 4 for 

HYDRANGEA A. G. (Hills of 
Snow). Midseason. Large clus- 
ters of pure white flowers in Au- 
gust Grows 5 to 6 feet high. 
Blooms July and August. Likes 
rich soil and abundant moisture. 
Blooms on new wood. Prune se' 
verely each spring. Plant 3 to 
4 feet apart. PRICES: Strong, 
15- to 18-in. plants, 40c each; 2 
for 70c; 3 for #1.00; 4 for #1.25; 
6 for #1.65. 

CAMPANULA "Blue Gardenia"— See pages 2 and 3. 

HYDRANGEA P. G. Immense 
blooms like those shown above. 
Perfect hardiness. After being a 
thing of beauty during the fall, 
its pinkish white blooms make 
fine winter bouquets. Ultimate 
height 5 to 7 feet. Blooms Au' 
gust-September. Likes rich soil 
and plenty of moisture. Blooms 
on wood of current season's 
growth. Prune severely each 
spring. Plant 4 feet apart. 
PRICES: Strong, 1*£- to 2-ft., 2- 
yr. plants, 40c each; 2 for 70c; 
3 for #1.00; 4 for #1.25; 6 for 

It's easy to .find what you want — see index, pages 84 and 85. 


Note how the fruit of 
Beauty-Bush Cherry is borne 
in thick clusters. It is a 
very heavy bearer, fruit as 
large as any sweet Cherry 
or larger, but plum'shapcd. 
Fruit beautiful. 

Combines beauty with fruiting qual- 
ity. In early spring bush is a mass of 
beautiful white flowers. Foliage is beau- 
tiful frosty bluish green. The fruit is 
especially fine in sauces, jams, jellies and 

Cherry grows rapidly and fruits quickly 
in any soil — one year after planting. 
Withstands heat, drought, cold. Plant- 
ing distance 4 feet. Grows 4 to 5 feet 
high, 3 to 4 foot spread. Pick from the 
ground — no ladder. V/2 to 2 ft. plants. 

PRICES: 60c each; 2 for 97c; 5 for 

As an Ornamental Shrub 

Scotch Jlecdk&U. 

(Calluna vulgaris). Hundreds of 
pretty belhshaped pink flowers arid 
unusually pretty foliage. Ultimate 
height 1 feet. Blooms August-Sep- 
tember. Likes 
acid soil. 
Give winter 
Plant 15 to 
18 in. apart. 

75c each; 2 
for #1.39; 4 
for #2.35. 

jjaft&ne&e fade 

flofzasiede 2uiwc& 

A real blaze of brilliant scarlet in 
early spring. Flowers appear before 
foliage. Make an amazing hedge — - 
grow 6 to 8 feet high. Blooms April. 
Plant 4 to 5 
feet apart. 

t o 2 4 i n c h 
plants, 40c 
each; 3 for 
#1.00; 6 for 
#1.85; 12 for 

Scotch Heather 

(Kerria japonica flora plena). Pretty fluffy golden colored ball-shaped flowers 
in June and throughout the summer. Pretty dark green leaves. Grows about 
6 feet high. Plant 4 feet apart. PRICES: 85c each; 2 for SI. 50. 

Japanese Quince 

Scotch Rnxxuto 

(Genista Andriana) 

This delightful evergreen shrub presents one 
of the most unusual and beautiful contrasts you 
can imagine — golden yellow and dark crimson 
pea'shaped flowers early in the spring contrast' 
ing against dark green foliage. Branches are 
slender and become completely .covered with 
the golden yellow and crimson flowers early in 
the spring. Grow 3 to 4 feet high. Bloom May- 
June. Enjoys well drained, sunny location. Plant 

3 feet apart. PRICES: #1^25 each; 2 for £2.25; 

4 for £4.15. 


R. M. -Kellogg Company, Three RiverS, Mich. 

KellxHrfL Evergreens and Ornamental 

Kellogg's evergreens are all high grade in every 
respect. Guaranteed to reach you in good growing 
condition or order refilled free. 

Irish Juniper 


(Juniperus chinensis 
Perfect feathery, light green 
foliage undercast and tipped 
silver-gray. Grows 3 to 4 feet 
wide and high. One of the 
most striking of all ever- 
greens. Full sun or semi' 
shade. Likes rich soil. Plant 
5 to 6 feet apart. Prices be- 
low, same as Irish juniper. 


(Irish Juniper) 
Narrow, stiff, upright, gray' 
green, reaching 8 to 10 feet 
high and 12 to 18 inches 
across. Plant 4 to 5 feet apart. 
PRICES: Pfitzer's and Irish 
Juniper, 9 to 12 in. mailing 
size, 50c each; 
2 for 89c; 4 
for #1,59. 


(Taxus cuspidata) 
Dark green, waxy 
foliage. Stands 
dense shade, heat 
and cold. Fruit 
bright scarlet. Easily 
trimmed. ' One of 
the most beautiful 
evergreens. Grows 
large unless pruned. 
Hardy. Plant 5 to 6 
feet apart. PRICES: 
8 to 10 inches, 65c 
each; 2 for #1.17; 
4 for #1.85. 


(Picea pungens glauca) 
Foliage has slightly bluish 
cast. Slow growing. Plant 12 
to 15 feet apart. Grows 40 
feet or more unless pruned. 
Size 12 to 18 inches. Not 
balled and burlapped. 
PRICES: 65c each; 2 for 
#1.17; 4 for #1.85. 

All Kellogg Stock Unusually 
High Grade 



hardy. Pretty 
dark green* 
leaves on pend' 
ulous branches. 
Makes dense 
shade even 
when young. 
May be sheared 
in formal design 
if desired. Ulti' 
mate height 40 
to 50 ft. Thrive 
most anywhere. 
Plant 30 to 35 
feet apart. 

PRICES: 5 to 
6 ft. trees, 65c 
each; 2 for 
#1.17; 4 for 




(Betula alba 


Shiny white 
bark, graceful 
branches, and 
laciniated foli' 
age. Grows 30 
to 35 ft. high. 
Best in moist 
location. Plant 
20 feet apart. 

to 7 ft. trees, 
#3.50 each; 2 
for #6.45. 

Cut-Leaf Weeping Birch 

MOUNTAIN ASH (Sorbus aucuparia). Clusters of 
orangcred berries in summer. 25 to 30 feet high. 
Plant 15 to 20 feet apart. PRICES: 4 to 6 ft. trees, 
85c each; 2 for #1.50. 

UMBRELLA CATALPA (Catalpa Bungei). Finest 
formal tree. Grows 6 to 8 feet high. Plant 12 to 15 
feet apart. PRICES: 5 to 6 ft. trees, 2-year, grafted 
stock, #1.95 each; 2 for #3.75. 

SILVER MAPLE (Acer dasycarpum), Grows . quickly 
to 40 or 50 feet. Silver-green leaves. Plant 30 feet 
apart. PRICES: 6 to 8 ft., #1.25 each; 2 for #2.25. 

LOMBARDY POPLAR (Populu s nigra italica). Tall 
spire shape, Plant 8 to 12 ft. apart. Grows 60 to 70 ft. 
PRICES: 5 to 6 ft., 67c each; 3 for #1.63; 6 for #2.77. 

WEEPING WILLOW (Sali^ blaiid<H Graceful, droop- 
ing. Grows 30 to 40. feet High: Plant 40 feet apart. 
PRICES: 4 to 5 &., 75c- each; 2 for #i:35f4lfor #2.37. 

It's easy 'to find what -you- want. ; See index, pages 84 and 85. 


Russian Olive 

Pink Tartarian 


Take Your Choice 
of These Shrubs 

EUROPEAN BURNING BUSH (Euouyrtnts europaeus). Bright" 
green foliage, clusters of bright yellow flowers, April and May, 
then crimson fruit till mid-winter. Leaves become beautiful 
icarlec with frost. Grows 15 to' 20 feet, plant 3 feet apart. 
PRICES: 2- to 3-ft., 3-yr. plants, 50c each; 2 for 87c; 4 for 
$1.59. , I 

LEMOINE DEUTZIA (Dentcia Lenwinei). Very many single 
flowers on slender 4 to 5 foot bushes. Plant 3 to 4 feet apart. ; 
Blooms June. PRICES: l>/ 2 - to 2-ft., 2-yr. plants, 40c each; 

2 for 70c; 3 for 01.00. 

DEUTZIA, PRIDE OF ROCHESTER. White double flowers 
tinged with rose in June. 6 to 8 feet high. Plant 4 feet apart. 
PRICES: 2- to 3-ft. plants, 2-yr., 40c each; 2 for 70c; 3 for 

SLENDER DEUTZIA (Dentin gracilis}. Grows only 2 to 3 : . 
feet high. White flowers in May and June. Hardy. Plant 2 
to iVz feet apart. PRICES: 12- to 18-in., 2-yr. plants, 40c . 
each; 2 for 70c; 3 for 51.00. 

FRAGRANT HONEYSUCKLE (Lonicera fragrantissiina). 
Pinkish-white sweet-scented flowers in April. Semi-evergreen 
foliage. Grows 6 to & feet tall. Plant 5 feet apart. PRICES: 
l'A- to 2-ft., 2-yr. plants, 40c each; 2 for 70c; 3 for $1.00. 

PINK TARTARIAN HONEYSUCKLE (Lonicera tatarica rosea 
grandiHora). Bushy and upright, 8 to 10 feet high. Delicate. 
pink blooms. Red berries in fall. PRICES: 2- to 3-ft., 2-yr. 
plants, 40c each; 2 for 70c; 3 for 01.00. 

RUSSIAN OLIVE (Elaeagnus angusti folia). Beautiful sil- 
very foliage. Flowers too, but foliage is main point of beauty. 
Grows H to 20 feet high. Plant 6 feet apart. PRICES: 2- to 
3-ft. plants, 45c each; 3 for 01.19. 

JAPANESE SNOWBALL (Viburnum tomentosum pHcatum): 
Large, perfectly formed snow-white flower balls, Mav and June. 
Grows 8 feet high. Plant 4 to i feet apart. PRICES: l l / 2 - 
to 2-ft., 2-yr. plants, 95c each; 2 for 01.65. 

SNOWBALL (I ■ibuntttin ' opuliis sterile). Immense globular 
flower clusters in May and lune; 10 to 12 feet high. Plant 
5 to 6 feet apart. PRICES:' 15- to 18-in. plants, 50c each; 

3 for 51.25. 

IMPROVED RED SNOWBERRY (Symphoricarpos chenaulti). 
Pink and white flowers in lune, then loads of large coral-red 
berries. Grows > to 6 feet high. Plant 4 feet apart. PRICES: 
2- to 3-ft., 2-yr. plants, 40c each; 2 for 70c; 3 for 51.00. 

WHITE SNOWBERRY (Symphoricarpos racemosus). Delicate 
pink blossoms- followed by clusters of waxy white berries until 
winter. Fine in shade. Grows 5 to 6 feet high. Plant 4 feet 
apart. PRICES: 2- to 2»/2-ft. plants, 2-yr., 40c each; 2 for 
70c; 3 for 01.00. 

FERN-LEAF SUMAC (Rhus typhiiia laciinata). Deep lacini- 
ated beautiful foliage, fernlike effect. Turns dazzling red in 
fall. Showy red fruit in fall. Plant 6 to 8 feet apart. Grows 
10 to 12 feet high. PRICES: 2- to 3-ft. plants, 50c each; 

3 for 51.25. 

GOLDEN SYRINGA (Philadelphus aureus). Grows only about 

4 to 5 feet high, dense pretty yellow foliage, needs sunny ex' 
posure. Also fragrant, white blooms. Plant 2 l /\ feet apart. 
PRICES: 12- to 15-in. plants, 75c each; 2 for 01.37; 4 for 02.45. 

AMUR TAMARIX (Tamarix amurense). Feathery green foli- 
age. Tiny pink flowers before leaves appear. Grows 10 to 12 
feet high. Plant 5 to 6 feet apart. Blooms May and June. 
PRICES: 2- to 3-ft. plants, 55c each; 2 for 98c. 

KASHGAR TAMARIX (Tamarix hispida). Pretty silvery green 
foliage, pink flowers during August and September. Grows 6 
to 3 feet high. Plant 6 feet apart. PRICES: W 2 - to 2-ft. 
plants, 55c each; 2 for 98c; 4 for 01.77. 


Grows only 2 to 3 feet high, pinkish 
red flowers in June. Plant 2 l /i feet 
apart. PRICES: 40c each; 3 for 
01.00; 6 for 01.85; 12 for 03.45. 

KOREAN SPIREA (Spiraea" tricho- 
carpa). Sprays of delicate white 
blooms in June. PRICES: 2- to 3-ft. 
plants, 40c each; 3 for 01.00. 

PINK" SPIREA (Spiraea Billiard! ). 

Grows 5 to 6 feet. Pink flowers in 

"spikes, July and August. PRICES: 

2- to 3-ft. plants, 40c each; 3 for 

.'. 01.00. 



HOUTTEI (Bridal 
Wreath). Masses 
of white blooms in 
May. Beautiful 
drooping effect. 
Grows 8 feet high. 
Plant 4 to 6 feet 
apart. PRICES: 
Size iy 2 - to 2-ft., 
3-yr. plants, 25c 
each; 3 for 60c; 
6 for 01.10. Size 
2- to 3-ft., 30c 
each; 3 for 75c; 6 
for 01.35. 

Spirea Van Houttei 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 



This picture shows a 
few rows of Truehedge J 
Columnberry pruned for 
formal effect. It is not j 
necessary to prune True' 
hedge for hedges how 
ever; just plant it in 


but little care 







(Berberis thunbergi 

(Plant Patent No. 110 
— R. M. Kellogg Co., 
Auth.oriz.ed Distribu' 
Plants grow upright 
in columnar form and 
require practically no 
pruning. Foliage is 
dense, heavy and even- 
ly distributed from 
the ground up. Hardy, 
drought resistant, dis- 
ease resistant. Has 
briers. Ultimate height 
4 to 6 feet if left un- 
pruned. Blooms May 
followed by red berries 
well up to winter. For 
hedge plant 12 to 14 
inches apart. For 
groups 2 to 2J/2 feet. 
Thrives in sun' or par' 
tial shade. • 


i5"-i8" 18"-24" 
#0.35 #0.45 

.40 1.65 

17.00 20.00 25.00 

37.50 45.00 57.50 


, #0.30 



Grows low — only 18 to 24 inches high — and keeps 
well within bounds. FOLIAGE VERY DENSE— can 
be sheared formally or can be left natural. Beautiful 
deep green glossy color. Does well in sun or partial 
?hade. Plant 10 to 12 inches apart. PRICES: 10 for 
99c; 25 for 

*2.27; 50 for 
#3.98;. 100 for 

Regel's Privet 

Dark green, glossy leaves. 
Uniform, spreading grow- 
er. Requires little prun- 
ing. Fine for groupj, 
foundations, hedges. 
Grows 4 to 6 feet high 
unless trimmed or sheared. 
Plant 2 to 2'/ 2 feet apart. 
White flowers followed by 
black berries. PRICES: 
Sire of plants 12 to 15 
inch, 5 for 75c; 10 for 
#1.35; 25 for #2.95; 50 
for #5.50. 

PRIVET. The hardi- 
est formal hedge. 
Plant about 1 foot 
apart in single row 
and 9 inches in stag' 
gcred tow. Does well in full sun 
or partial shade. Size of plants 12 
to 18 inches, two years old. 
PRICES: 10 for 85c; 25 for $1.78; 
50 for #2.75; 100 for #3.95. 

Red Leaved Barberry 

bronzcred foliage turns red in 
summer and autumn. Red ber* 
ries in winter. Plant in full sun. 
Grows 4 to 5 feet tall. Plant 2 
to 2'/ 2 feet apart. PRICES: Size 
12 to 15 inches, 3-year, 6 for 
#1.52; 12 for #2.90; 25 for #4.93; 
50 or more @ 17c each. 18 to 
24 inches, 6 for #1.91; 12 for 
#3.63; 25 for #6.08; 50 or more 
@ 22c each. 

Japanese Barberry 

(Berberis Thunbergi). 
Prickly, keeps dogs away. 
Green foliage turns red 
in fall; red berries in win- 
ter. Grows 4 to 5 feet 
high. Plant 2 to 2'/ 2 feet 
apart. Hardy. PRICES: 
three-year plants, 12 to 
15 inches, 6 for #1.25; 
12 for #2.38; 25 for 
#4.05; 50 or more @ 13c 
each. Size 18 to 24 
inches, 6 for #1.57; 12 
for #2.98; 25 for #5.07; 
50 or more @ 17c each. 

Convenient index on pages 84 and 85. 


Acer 31 

Achillea 2" 

Ajuga rept3na . 27 

Alkanet 27 

Alpine Midget 

Rose 76 

Althea rosea . . 

...56, 57, 65, 73 
Althea (Rose of 

'SBaron) .... 77 
Alyssum saxatile 27 
Ama.No-Gawa. . 76 
American Ivy . . 62 
Ampelopsis ... 61 
Amur River 

Privet 83 

Amygdalus 77 


Myosotidiilora 2, 
Anemone . . 27, 72 

Anthemis 71 

A<tuilegia .■••■ 

. .JO. 54, 71, 7j 

Arabis 27 

Armeria . . 27, 53 

Artemisia 7} 

Ash 81 

Asters.. 56. 72. 73 

Astilbe 37 

Aaalca •;• 67 

Azalea Mollis. . 67 
Aialeamum .... 

39, 43-46 

Baby's Breath 

. .28. 54, 55. 73 
Balloon Flower. 37 
Barberry ...... 83 

Beauty Bush . . 73 
Beauty Bush . . . 

Cherry 80 

Bcchtcl's Crab.. 77 

Bell Howe r 37 

Bcrberis 83 

Betula (Birch).. 81 

Birch 81 

Bittersweet .... 62 
Blanket Flower. . 

54, 55. 71 

Blazine Star ... 28 
Bleeding Heart . 72 
Bluebeard Grass 28 
Bluebells ..... 74 
Blue Bonnet ... 36 

Blue Flax . 5 5 

Blue Fringed . . 

Daisy 37 

"Blue Gardenia" 

Campanula 2, 3,37 

Bocconia 27 

Boston .Ivy ■ ■ • ■ 62 
Bridal Wreath.. 82 
Bristol Fairv . . 5 5 
Bronze Glory . . 77 
Buddleia . . 58. 59 
Bugle Plant ... 27 

Burning Bu3b . . 82 
Bush Cherry .. 80 
Butterfly Bush 18,59 

Callirhoe .... 27 

Calluna 80 

Calycanthus ... 78 
Cambridge .... 

Scarlet 75 

Campanula . — 

....2. 3. 37. 74 

Campion 5 3 

Candytuft ,; 

Cannas 11. 65 



(Cam panula 
medium.) Large 
beautiful flowers 
on 2- to 3 -ft. 
stems. Bloom 
May to July. 
Colors: Blue. 
rose, white, and 
lilac. State 
choice. 4 for 
59c; 6 for 85c; 
12 for 51.50. 

Cardinal Flower 23 
Carnations. . 31, 64 

Harebell 74 

Catalna 81 

Celastrus 62 

Cerastium 27 

Cercis 77 

Chinese Elm . . 81 
Chinese Lantern 5 3 
Chinese Wisteria 60 
Christmas Berry 79 

.. 38-46, 64. 72 

maximum ... 74 
Clematis ... 60. 61 
Climbing Roses 

17. 18. 19 

Coat Flower ... 29 
Colorado Spruce 81 
Columbine .... 

.. 30, 54. 71, 73 
Columnbcrry . . 83. 

Coralbell 28 

Coreopsis ..... 71 
Cornus .... 76, 7.7 

Crataegus 77 

Creepers 62 

Creeping Baby's 

Breath 28 

Cr:ep'ng Phlox. 74 


(Cam panula 
c al y canthema) . 
Identical with 
Canterbury Bells 
but double. 
Colors: Blue. 
rose, white and 
lilac. State col- 
or. Field -grown. 
4 for 59c; 6 for 
85c; 12 for 

Cut Leaf Birch. 81 
Cydonia SO 


,. . 13-16, 64, 75 

Daisies ... 36, 37, 

52, 71, 73. 74 

Daphne 66, 67 

Dav Lilies ".'... 75 
Dazzler Carnation 31 
Delphiniums. . . 

.. 27. 32, 33. 34 

12 TALL- 
IUMS $1.50 
A mixture of 
tall growing 
varieties, no 
dwarfs. Beauti- 
ful shades of 
blue, light blue 
and violet. 7 for 
SI. 00; 12 for 
$1.50; 17 for 


False 29 

Dwarf Alkanet.. 27 

Dwarf Asters. . 72 

E delweiss .... 28 

Elaeagnus 82 

Elder 78 

Elm 81 

Erigeron 37 

Euonymus. . 62,82 
Euphorbia .... 28 

Burning Bush 82 

Cranberry . . 7S 
Evening Primrose 29 

Roses.. 24-26. 88 
Evergreens .... 81 

Bittersweet . . 62 

False Dragon- 
head 29 

Fern-Leaf Sumac 82 

Festuca Glauca.. 28 

Fireball, Helian- 

themum .... 53 

Flax. Blue 5 5 

Flax, Golden ... 28 


Almond .... 67 


Cherry . . 76, 77 

Flowering Crab. 77 


Dogwood. 76. 77 

Flowering Orna- 
mentals 67.76.77 

Flowering Peach 77 

Flowering Quince 80 

Flowers for Shade 34 

Forget-me-not.. 29 

Forsythia 78 

Foxglo%-es 75 

French Lilacs . . 76 

Fuchsia 66 

G aillardia .... 

. 54,55, 


Heliotrope . . . 
Garden Pinks 28, 

Flower . . 66, 


Germander .... 


Ghost Plant . . . 
Gladioli .... 3 

. . 20, 21, 40. 
Globe Flower . . 
Glory of 

Hollande .... 
Glorymum ..... 


Golden Bell . . . 
Golden Ball 

Sun Rose . . . 
Golden Elder . . 
Golden Flax . . . 
Golden Glory- 
mum . . . : 41 , 
Golden Syringa. 


Great Sea 

Lavender .... 
Ground Covers 

Ground Ivy 

. . 28, 54. 55, 




5 3 




Carpathian ... 74 

Heathers 80 

Hedges 83 

Helianthemum. . 

28. 53 

Heliotrope .... 29 
Hemerocallis . . . 7? 
Hen and Chickens 29 

Heuchera 28 

Hibiscus ... 29. 77 

Hican 86 

Hills of Snow.. 79 

.. 56, 57. 65, 73 

Delphiniums. . 34 
Honeysuckle ... 

60. 62. 82 

Horvath Roses 22,23 
Hybrid Tea 

Roses. 24-26,88 
Hydrangea .... 79 
Hypericum .... 28 

Ibcris . 55 


Poppies . . 53, "5 
Indian Paint 

Brush 28 

Irish Juniper . . 81 
Ivy 29.62 

J apanese- 

Anemone ... JL 

Japanese Azalea 67 

Japanese Barberry 83 

Japanese Bell- 
flower 37 

Japanese. Honey- \ 
- suckle- ...... 62 

• Japanese Quince 80 

Japanese Rose . . 80 

Japanese Snow- 
ball ...82 

Deutlia 82 

Dianthus .. 28. 31, 

.. 51, 52, 64, 71 

Dicentra ...... 72 

Diervilla 78 

Digitalis 75 

Dogwood . . 76. 77 


ROSES $l.75 


IO for $3.25 ' 

All 2-year-old, budded stock. 
Each a different color, our 
choice. Same high quality 
plants as offered on page 24. 
5 for #1.75; 10 for ${3.25. 

6 PbUnSiabel 

22c each 
12 for #1.85 




(Primula veris) 

The flower that everybody loves — ■ 
really lovable in their beauty. Every 
body should have them. These 6 plants 
come in a variety of colors, all hardy, 
field-grown plants. Safe delivery guar- 
anteed. Ultimate height 6 to 8 in. 
Bloom May and June. Like rich, moist 
loam in shade or semi-shade. Mulch in 
winter. Plant 8 to 10 inches apart. 
PRICES: 22c each; 6 for #1.00; 12 
for #1.85. 


R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 

Japanese Spurp 3 5 
. Japanese Wind- 

,.. flower l~ 

'Japanese Yew.. 81 

Judas Tree ... 77 


(JuniperusJ. . el 

■ Kansas Gay 
•. Feather . . • 

Kerria . 

Kolkwitzia . . 


,L aciniatcd Phlox 49 

' Larkspur. 27, 32-34 

■ Uthym» ™ 

. Lavandula la 

Lcadwort 29 

Leontopodium. . 28 

j Liatris 28 

• Ligustrum oJ 

Lilacs 76 

Lilies 12, 68-70, 75 

-Linum 28, 55 

Lobelia 28 

Lodense Privet- 83 
Lombardy Poplar 81 
Loniccra 60, 62, 82 

(Lupinus) .. 28 
Lychnis 29. 53 

■ Madwort 27 

•Maiden Pink .. 28 

Mallow 29 

Maltese Cross.. 29 

■Mains 77 

Maple Tree. ... 81 

■"Marguerite 71 

< May Day Tree. 76 

; - ! McAllistcrHican 86 

Meadow Sage . . 29 

Midget Hedge.. 29 

Midget Rose ... 56 

. Milkwort 28 

• Miniature 

■■ Rose 56, 57 

' Mock Orange . . 78 

'Monarda 75 

IMontbretia .... 12 
(Mountain Ash. . 81 
'. Mountain Thyme 29 
IMyosotis ..... 29 

Ncpcta 29 

.Nut Trees .... 86 

Oenothera 29 


Garden , 71 


Grasses 28 


Trees. 76, 79, 81 


(Jap. Spurge) 35 

Daisies . . 36, 71 
Pansies, Tufted. 85 
Papaver ... 53, 75 
Pasque Flower. . 27 
Patented Roses 

..19, 23, 86, 87 
PauPs Scarlet 

Thorn 77 

Pea, Perennial. . 28 

Pearl, The 27 

Pecan 86 

Pentstemon. 56, 57 
Perennial Pea. . 28 
Persian Daisies. 71 
Persian Lilacs . . 76 
Pfitzcr's Juniper 81 
Philadclphus 78, 82 
Philippinense . . 70 
Phlox 47-50, 

65, 74. 75 

Photinia 79 

Physostegia . . .'. 29 
Physalis (Chinese 

Lantern) . .-.- . -53 

Picca 81 

Pillar Rose. . 86. 87 

Pinks 28. 71 

Platycodon .... 37 

Plumbago 29 

Plume Poppy , . 27 
Polyantha Roses 17 
Polygonum .... 62 
Poplar (Populus) 81 
Poppies ... 53, 75 
Poppy Mallow. . 27 
Prfde of 

Rochester ... 82 

.. 29, 54, 65, 84 
Primula 54, 65, 84 

Privet 83 

Prunus .... 76, 77 
Purple Fringe . . 79 : 
Pyrethrum, . 36, 71 

Ragged Gypsy. 75 

Redbud 77 

Red Hot Poker. 74 
Red Leaved 

Barberry .... 83 

Kegel's Privet . . 83 

Rhododendron. . 

66, 67 

Rhus 79, 82 

Rock Cress 27 

Rock Garden 

Plants 63 

Rosa Rouletti . . 56 
Rose Campion. . 53 
Rose Dawn ... 51 
Rose of Sharon. 77 
Roses 17-19, 22-26, 

... 56, 57, 86-88 
Rugosa Roses 17, 25 
Russian Olive.. 82 

Violets . . 56, 57 

St. John's Wort 28 

Salix ;. 81 

Salvia Axurea. . 29 

Sambucus 78 

Santa Claus .... 
.. 39, 40, 41, 42 

■ Saponaria 29 

Scabiosa ... 36, 74 
Scarlet Thorn . . 77 
Scotch Broom . . 80 
Scotch Heather. 80 
Sea Lavender . . 29 

Sea Pink 27 

Sedums 29 

Sempervivum . . 29 
Shade Trees ... 81 
Shadyside Garden 3 5 
Shasta Daisies . . 74 
Shrub Roses 17, 26 
Shrubs ... 58, 59. 
., 66, 67. 76-84 
Silver King 

(Artemisia).. 73 
Silver Lace Vine 62 
Silver Maple ..81 
Silver Mist ... 54 
Sky Blue Daisy 73 
Slender Deucjia 82 
Smoke Tree ... 79 

Snowball 82 

Snowberry (Red 

and White).. 82 
Snowin-Summer 27 

Soapwort 29 

Sorbus 81 

Spanish Bayonet 37 
Spanish Ever- 
greens 55 

Speedwell 29 

Spirea 82 

Spruce 81 

Spurge, Japanese 35 

Statice 29 

Stonecrop 29 

Sumac * 82 

Sun Rose . . 28, 53 
Surprise Rock 

Garden 63 

Sweet Autumn 

Clematis .... 60 
Sweet Lavender 28 
Sweet Shrub . . 78 
Sweet William. . 71 
Symphoricarpos. 82 
Syringa ... 76, 82 

Xarnarix . . 79, 82 

' Taxus '. . 81 

Tea Roses 24-26, 88 

Teucrium 29 

The Pearl 27 

Thymus ....... 29 

Ticksced .. 36, 71 
Tiger Flower . . 12 

Tigridia 12 

Trees 81 

Tritoma 74 

Trollius 36 


Columnberrv. 83 
Tufted Partsies. . 85 
Tunica Saxifraga 29 

Ulmus (Elm).. 81 
Umbrella Catalpa 81 

Valeriana .... 29 

Veronica 29 

Viburnum. . 78, 82 

Vines 60-62 

Violas 56, 57, 

64, 65. 85 

Violets. 56, 57, 64 
Virginia Creeper 62 

Walnut 86 

Water Lilies ... 12 
Weeping Birch. 81 
Weeping Willow 81 

Weigela . 78 

Willow 81 

Windflower ... 72 
Wine Poppy . . 27 

Wisteria 60 

Wood Anemone 27 
Woolly Yarrow 27 

Yarrow ...... 27 

Yew 81 

Yucca 37 

Ruby Viola 

25c each 

3 for 67c 

12 for #2.17 


A pretty little dandy, all dressed 
up in red velvet of various shades, 
with orange or brilliant yellow mark- 
ings. You are going to love this 
pretty little hardy Pansy and give 
it a place in your garden. Ultimate 
height, 6 to 8 inches. Planting dis- 
tance, 8 inches. Blooms April to 
frost. Likes rich, well drained soil. 
Sun or partial shade. Mulch in 
winter. PRICES: Sturdy, field- 
grown plants, 25c each; 3 for 67c; 
5 for #1.00; 12 for #2.17. 

-»URN to pages 2 and 3. 

VIOLA CORNUTA. (Tufted Pansy). These V ■delightful little hardy Pansies bloom all 

sprnmer. Beautiful in groups or low everbloonv ^^J ^^ ing borders. Plant 6 to.' 8 inches apart. 

Ultimate height 6 to 8 inches. Blooming season, T^^^^ April to frost. Thrive in sun or shade. 
Will stand moisture if drainage is good. Shear plants or remove blossoms to insure continued bloom. 
Prices: Field-grown plants, three varieties, your choice, Apricot, Blue Perfection, Lutea (yellow), I for 
22c; 3 for 55c; 6 for #1.00; 12 for #1.85. 

R. M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 



in the North 

CANS {Seedling Stock). 

Ideal for those who feel 
they cannot afford the 
more expensive grafted 
Hicans. Nut is large, 
shell thin. Kernels come 
out freely and are usu- 
ally plump and of fine 
quality. A safe strain for 
the North. PRICES: 4 
to 6 ft., I for £1.00; 2 
for 31.85, 




Pecan trees 
are ornamental 
as well as fruit- 
ful. Now here 
are hardy vari- 
eties that will grow in 
the north. Plant Pecans. 
You'll enjoy them. 

6tluz>i A/ut *7neeA, 

McCALLJSTER HICAN. A cross between a Pecan and a Hickory. 

Fruits very young, much earlier than seedlings. Leaves are 
large, dark green, rhick and smooth; light bark makes them 
fine for ornamental planting. Exceptionally large nuts, crack 
casilv and yield good flavored kernels possessing much of the 
hickory flavor. PRICES: Hardy grafted stock, 3 to 4 ft., 1 
for $4.50. 

Ohio Walnut 

FrotfCnorthern Ohio. A fast grower with very beautiful orna- 
mental effect. Many of our Ohio grafts have nuts the follow- 
ing fall, after setting. Nuts are large. Shell thin. Kernel white 
and plump. Of good quality- An excellent cracking nut; the 
halves of the kernels usually may be removed whole. Our grafts 

taken from best producing strain. PRICES: 3 to 4 ft., 2-year . i 

grafts, 1 for $2.50. A.each. 


We can approximate the color of 
Flash Rose in a picture but not the 
amazing, glowing quality. The blos- 
soms almost seem to be on fire. 

This new Climbing Rose far surpasses in 
brilliance any Climbing Rose that has ever been 
originated. The blooms seem to glow with their 
own inner fire, the colors glowing and flashing 
in magical fashion. 

Long Blooming 

"Flash" starts blooming early in June and 
flowers open daily for weeks. A very long 
blooming rose. Color is vivid orange-scarlet 
with backs of petals yellow suffused with scar- 
let. The center is gleaming yellow filled with 
golden anthers. Buds are yellow with scarlet 
profusion. Many flowers are open at one time, 
giving a dazzling effect. The picture of Flash 
shown here does not half do justice to the, 
actual Rose because its shimmering brilliance 
cannot be shown on paper. 

Originated by R. M. Hatton in 1938, Patent 
applied for. 

Stock is limited, so you must order early 
be sure of getting yours. 


PRICE: High grade, No. 1 budded stock, #1.00 % 


R, M. Kellogg Company, Three Rivers, Mich. 


Far surpasses 
any other 
Rose in 




at left 




Pat. applied 

|^% Everblooming 
,W Roses $<»65 

Two of each color shown, or you 
may choose colors you want. 


All roses we sell by col- 
or are two-year-old hybrid 



Roses by 

Two 'year- 
old budded 
stock, all hy- 
brid tea roses, 
all EVER- 
ERS, all cov- 
ered by our 
usual guar- 


1 - 










You may 

choose the 

colors you 



^% ^^ This plan saves 

K\i l AIaP money for you. 
l^Y VVlUl You get the same 
. .. . . , high-grade rose 

plants listed elsewhere in this book. You simply 
choose by color instead of by variety. By this 
plan you can have a fine assortment at a bargain 


These are the same two-year-old budded stock 
you would get by ordering by variety. ALL 
pruned ready for planting. We quote these lower 
prices because by this plan we avoid waste. We 
pass the saving on to you. 

Please do not mention variety name. Order 
by color only. Prices at lower left. 


R- M* Kellogg Co., Three Rivers, Mich.